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Development of employer brands


The struggle for specialists and managers in a constantly changing job market presents you as an employer with major challenges. Together with you and your employees, we define your employer brand for today and the future - in order to then communicate it internally and externally along the entire Expert Journey. Find talent and turn your employees into brand ambassadors!

Employer Branding

  • Career websites

  • Recruiting & university marketing

  • Onboarding & team development

  • Corporate & recruiting events

Event und Activation


We work close to the customer, guarantee a convincing staging and achieve an unforgettable experience. At home in the B2B area, we fascinate with innovative product presentations, precisely planned shows and sustainable employee, customer and VIP events. Do you want unique moments? We will inspire you.

Digital & Hybrid Event
  • Analysis, conception & advice

  • Corporate Events

  • Employee Events

  • Public Events

  • Exhibition Events

Digital and classic brand communication

Digital &

Through our years of experience in digital communication and a powerful team of strategists, designers and developers, we create successful brand communication across all channels. We advise you objectively according to your goals and put your individual requirements in the foreground. Because our broad portfolio enables us to find innovative, goal-oriented solutions together with you.

Digital & Communication
  • Brand & strategy advice

  • (Digital) Campaigning

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Corporate Websites

  • Digital Applications


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PACCOR | Interactive digital booth
Full Moon Brandcode
Full Moon Digital
Digital Event | UX/UI Design | Corporate Design | Content Marketing | Communication Concept | Campaign
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Afi Solutions | Website Relaunch
Full Moon Digital
Corporate Website | UX/UI Design
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Fohhn Audio AG | Website Relaunch
Full Moon Digital
Corporate Website
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Paul Lange | 50-year partnership
Full Moon Experience
PR Event
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smart | 20 Years of smart
Full Moon Experience
Employee Event
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Stadtwerke Konstanz | Employer Branding Campaign
Employer Branding
Employer Branding
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car2go (Daimler AG) & drive now (BMW) | Journey X
Full Moon Experience
Employee Event | PR Event
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WGV | Employer branding campaign
Employer Branding
Employer Branding | Career Website | Campaign
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Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions | Corporate Website
Full Moon Digital
Corporate Website
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Bro/Com | Reporting Software
Full Moon Digital
Web Application
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