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PRE-PRODUCTION: Development of a storyboard to visualise our ideas. Creation of a visual director's plan for the exact visualisation of the settings of the 2-day film production in the green screen studio. Texts for actors to play the digital fair with meaningful content and to create a sense of humour. Construction of props. Preplanning and styling. 3D Preproduction/Keying. PRODUCTION: Implementation of film production in green screen studio Matchmoving (camera tracking). Set crew: actors, project management, director, camera team, CGI team, motion designer, lighting and sound colleagues. POST-PRODUCTION: Film editing green screen, preparation 3D data, animatic, compositing, shading lighting, special effects, motion graphics, CGI, rendering. FINALISATION: Web frontend for online trade fair presentation based on interactive video, Individual videos were put together and the UI was programmed.
Full Moon Brandcode
Full Moon Digital
Customer: PACCOR Packaging GmbH

The pandemic situation led to trade fair cancellations for many companies and presented our client with the task of transforming the typical trade fair concept into a new, digital form of communication that also inspires at a distance. We therefore implemented a full CGI green screen production for PACCOR Packaging GmbH and created tangible brand communication in the form of a digital trade fair with interactive modules that we developed ourselves. We integrated a "join-in" function for visitors, which also increased the time users spent on the client's website and enhanced the user experience.

With our project "Interactive digital PACCOR Booth" we are nominated for the German Design Award 2022, which has been awarded by the German Design Council for 10 years now! In the discipline "Excellent Communications Design", our digital trade fair is taking part in the current competition in the category "Interactive User Experience".

A unique interactive trade fair concept
During the conception and development work, it quickly became clear to us that all the digital trade fairs currently available on the web did not meet the standards we wanted for our client. We therefore created a unique concept that did not yet exist on the web and in the segment. We developed a key message and designed the storyboard based on the company's content elements and highlight products. In this way, we created space for a genuine experience of the product innovations and the company's underlying strategic realignment - with entertaining added value for the customer.

In the course of the brand relaunch we designed and the resulting partnership that our client lives by, we created an interactive, close and emotional experience as a digital format to differentiate the company in the market and to strengthen its repositioning and awareness.

 Referenz - PACCOR - Interactive digital booth  Referenz - PACCOR - Interactive digital booth  Referenz - PACCOR - Interactive digital booth


Head of Communication, Creation & Production: (Idea)
Charlotte Kramer (Full Moon Communication GmbH)

Katharina Friesen (Full Moon Communication GmbH)

Managing Partner: (Idea)
Ralph Bergmann (Full Moon Digital GmbH)

Account Director:
Charlotte Kramer (Full Moon Communication GmbH)

Agency Producer:
Jasmine Pusch / Katharina Friesen (Full Moon Communication GmbH)

Agency Project Management:
Jasmine Pusch / Penelope Sträßner (Full Moon Group GmbH)

Front-End Development:
Alexander Köberl (Full Moon Digital GmbH)

Screendesign Web:
Karin Schäfer (Full Moon Digital GmbH)

Alesandra Coronato (All that letters)

Vanessa Rottenburg

Nicolas Lorenz (PACCOR Packaging GmbH)

Actress II Sustainability:
Caterina Camerani (PACCOR Packaging GmbH)

Actor II Digital Identity:
Larry Logan (Digimarc Corporation)

Director | Production:
Bernd Kammerer

DOP | Editing | Sounddesign:
Kamil Krzesniak

Lighting Designer:
Max Andor

Sound Engineer:
Rüdiger Fleck

Hair & MakeUp Artist:
Nicole Warth

Yvonne Kammerer

Camera Assistant:
Niklas Meissl

Head of CGI | CGI Producer:
Benjamin Winter

3D Animation | Shading | Lighting:
Benjamin Winter / Michael Haupt

3D FX:
Michael Haupt

Tracking | Matchmove:
Vincent Langer

Vincent Langer / Benjamin Winter

Vincent Langer / Martin Grözinger

Motion Graphics:
Henning Himmelreich

On Set Supervisor:
Benjamin Winter

On Set Matchmoving Assistent:
Vincent Langer / Thomas Phieler





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