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At Full Moon we believe in the power of the relationship between brands and people. We believe that this relationship is the key to long-term business success. That is why we take a holistic view of brand communication. We create emotional encounters along the entire customer life cycle and strengthen your brand from the first contact to the lifelong bond. Our experts in the areas of Employer Branding, Digital & Corporate Communication generate online and offline awareness, strengthen the relationship through emotional brand experiences and community building. In doing so, we not only see the brand-customer relationship, but also create an initial brand contact and strengthen the relationship between employees and employers through employer branding. In our work, we are driven to break new ground and bring good ideas to the streets with courage. After all, over 50 years ago, the moon landing was just another daring idea.



At Full Moon we believe in the power of the relationship between brands and people. That's why we create emotional encounters along the entire customer life cycle - from the first contact to a lifelong relationship.

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We also live relationships in our work culture. We work in a team and with customers on a partnership basis and at eye level. What drives us are good ideas, a passion for communication and a packer mentality to get things on the road. Because more than 50 years ago, landing on the moon was just another daring idea.

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With our offices in Germany, Austria, Spain, Great Britain and Ukraine and partner agencies throughout Europe, we offer an international network of brand communication experts.

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Story of development

Owner Tim Höchel laid the foundation for our current 360° communication agency Full Moon as early as 1998 when he established the event agency Full Moon Factory in Stuttgart. This became the Full Moon communications agency in 2001. Since then we always develop.

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At Full Moon we focus on channel and target group specific expertise. The agency is therefore structured according to units in the areas of Digital & Communication, Live & Digital & Hybrid Events and People & Talents, as well as higher-level target group experts for consulting in children's, youth and family marketing and employer branding. Our unique selling point is that we can therefore offer clients comprehensive consulting from a single source. For each client and each project, we put together individual teams with the relevant experts from our specialist areas and guarantee holistic and specialist consulting.





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