Our world of work at Full Moon

How we work
The Full Moon Culture


New Work Model

Understanding, tolerance, personal responsibility. This is a freedom that we know how to handle, that we appreciate and that inspires us. We love humour, even sarcasm, an open culture, perfect coffee and a self-managed life balance. We also live a culture of relationships in our work. In the team and with clients, we work in close partnership and at eye level. What moves us are good ideas, a passion for communication and a hands-on mentality to get things on the road. After all, more than 50 years ago, the moon landing was also just a daring idea.

Openness & Transparency

We work in teams. Flexible, agile and results-oriented. We value and tolerate each other as individuals. We are direct, respectful and supportive. We learn from each other and enrich each other. In the project we are creative, straightforward, structured and innovative.


Hierarchies and positions do not decide right or wrong. The best solution, the most economical approach, the highest benefit for our clients and our projects are what really matters.


We are all different. Specialists in various fields, but with the same communication mindset. Whether classic, digital, live for employees, customers or kids & teens. Our expert units are excellent in their field and unique due to the interaction and mutual exchange.

Ways of Work

We are both communicative and goal-oriented. We work in a structured way according to agile methods and use state of the art software and tools to have fun at work and with the best results.

Expertise & passion

We are great because we are well experienced, because we have learned a lot, because we dare to do something, because we are daring.Sometimes also peculiar and special - that's what makes us unique.


We believe in quality, smart solutions, cost-efficient projects. We also believe in the value of our performance, partnership work with each other and with our clients.





Epplestraße 225
70567 Stuttgart