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At Full Moon we believe in the power of the relationship between brands and people: Living Brand Relations. That's why we create emotional experiences throughout the entire customer life cycle – from first contact to lifelong commitment.

The Full Moon Group was established in 2001 in Stuttgart. We are creative and passionate. We know no mental boundaries. We rise above ourselves every day. With courageous concepts, visionary and committed, we drive your mission forward. We create unique brand experiences that stay in mind for a long time. We work in an interdisciplinary way and create holistic communication concepts that make your company and your brand fit for future!

Full Moon is one of the top-selling agencies in Germany in the field of live communication. Our segments Kids & Teens, Employer Branding, Digital & Communication, Live Communication and People & Talents create a unique portfolio that enables us to implement a wide range of services from various specialist areas with high quality standards.

Kids & Teens and Employer Branding

The two main thematic pillars of the 360° communications agency are the Kids & Teens and Employer Branding divisions. Full Moon Kids & Teens is the largest agency for children, youth and family marketing in Germany and the leading children's marketing agency in Europe. Sustainable employer branding has become essential, because talented and motivated employees who identify with the values and goals of the company are an indispensable basis for the economic success of any company: "Employer branding must be thought of holistically! Communicating certain employee benefits is not enough," emphasises Ralph Bergmann, Managing Director Digital & Communication.

Living Brand Relations ...

... is a top priority at Full Moon. However, we do not only focus on brand relationships, but also on the intensive partnerships with our customers, consumers and our employees. We are proud of working together with a lot of our clients for many years in a spirit of trust. We see ourselves as an agency family that brings together a wide variety of characters with the most diverse skills in a modern working atmosphere. Our "New Work Model", which was already developed in 2017, gives our employees freedom in working space and working time to improve their development. This need is confirmed by the current Corona pandemic. We are 92 dedicated leaders and over 450 full-time promoters who will take your projects into new dimensions.

We are the competent partner for medium-sized companies, but also for world-renowned corporate clients such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Kärcher, ADAC, LEGO® or car2go. "We do not only want to satisfy our partners, we want to exceed their goals by thinking creatively in an interdisciplinary way, daring the impossible, creating something new and realising visions". This is what the Full Moon managing directors Tim Höchel, Ralph Bergmann, Till Elsässer and Rebecca Duden and their teams stand for.







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