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Conception, organisation, planning, implementation, programme design, invitation management, travel management, graphics, content creation, digitalisation, personnel service, event management, control of the trades, location scouting, photo production, moderation, entertainment, dramaturgy
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Customer: car2go (Daimler AG) & drive now (BMW)

On the occasion of the merger of the mobility services of DAIMLER and BMW, as well as the bundling of their strengths, Full Moon Event staged an employee event with participants from all over the world in the broadcasting centre Berlin.Full Moon Communication supported the event with various communication measures, such as the creation of graphics and key visuals, as well as the production of steles, signage and accreditation materials.The focus of the production was the emotional unification of all employees with their different corporate cultures. To achieve this, Full Moon developed a mix of brand launch presentation, entertainment acts and togetherness activities. The celebrations were celebrated with almost 1,000 employees. All CEOs of the new brands were on stage: Dr. Daniela Gerd tom Markotten (REACH NOW), Olivier Reppert (SHARE NOW), Jörg Reimann (PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW) and Marc Berg (FREE NOW).

 Referenz - car2go (Daimler AG) & drive now (BMW) - Journey X  Referenz - car2go (Daimler AG) & drive now (BMW) - Journey X  Referenz - car2go (Daimler AG) & drive now (BMW) - Journey X  Referenz - car2go (Daimler AG) & drive now (BMW) - Journey X





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