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Fohhn Audio AG Website Relaunch


Redesign of corporate website: Strategic, structural and design concept, information architecture, user guidance concept, wireframes, workshops, user interface design, icon design, consulting, programming, SEO, digital branding, TYPO3, digital business applications, PDF generator (product data sheets, diagrams, technical data), connection to product database Akeneo, reference database, extensive search function, comprehensive service form
Full Moon Digital GmbH
Customer: Fohhn Audio AG

Fohhn has been specialising in the development, production and distribution of professional speaker systems for mobile sound reinforcement and fixed installations for 25 years. Full Moon Digital took on the task of making this extraordinary awareness of quality and service visible online, in addition to improved user comfort.

By connecting the product management system akeneo the product data handling is greatly simplified and the website becomes a powerful tool for Fohhn employees. All product data such as texts, diagrams and images were centrally and categorised and maintained in akeneo. The system thus feeds the website and the data is always up to date. A special highlight are the automatically generated PDFs from the product data. Data sheets, technical drawings and diagrams no longer have to be set manually by a designer, but are automatically available as soon as a new product is maintained.

In an intensive concept phase, the information architecture and user guidance was fundamentally optimised. Three main topics now form the core of the website: Products, applications and references. Less relevant topics have been separated out in a burger menu to avoid overloading the navigation.

The user interface design lives on strong typographic and colour contrasts. Very information-laden pages such as the product detail page are clearly structured and have a reduced design. Strongly contrasting are the marketing glass pages: A lot of use of images, changing colour backgrounds and an airy and powerful design are intended to emotionalise the users.

 Referenz - Fohhn Audio AG - Website Relaunch  Referenz - Fohhn Audio AG - Website Relaunch







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