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Full Moon accompanies you from the vision to the launch of your digital product idea. We see ourselves as consulting partners, experienced concept developers and competent programmers in the planning, implementation and introduction of individual software solutions. Our focus is always on developing maximally useful, cost-efficient and intuitively usable products together with you. This is made possible by the use of methodologies such as SCRUM and Minimum Viable Product in conjunction with competent and adaptable teams.



We are specialists in programming user-centric, scalable and customised web applications and web-based software. Our focus is on programming data management systems, reporting applications, HR applications and e-learning systems. Depending on the purpose, various and the latest technical standards may be used. Our teams are flexible and agile, both in Germany and at our location in Kiev. Mobile apps can be implemented as native apps for IOS and Android or as hybrid or progressive web apps.


We design mobile apps for your product vision technically, in terms of user experience, user interface and monetisation of the app. Depending on the use of the digital product, we decide with our clients whether native apps, hybrid web apps or progressive apps are the right way forward for the product. Our expertise lies mainly in the development of data management, reporting and e-learning apps. Furthermore, apps for sales and as information and communication platforms within the company.


The development quality in a software project is ensured on several levels. From requirements analysis and the development process to application testing, our process is software-supported throughout. Development teams are always assembled according to technological requirements. Dedicated testers guarantee our development quality with appropriate testing methods based on manual and automated testing. On request, we also take on application testing tasks for developments that are not developed by us.


We support you in keeping the focus on core functionalities. In this way, short development times and calculable costs can be achieved up to the first software version. The aim of this approach is to implement a product in the first step with only the minimum requirements that are necessary functionally and from the user's point of view (minimum viable product/ MVP). After a successful launch and initial feedback from the users, further development steps are prioritised, planned and implemented.


Performance-optimised secure operation and maintenance of web applications in Europe's largest B2B data centre.


Depending on the digital product, we use application frameworks or development frameworks. In the area of content management, we use TYPO3, NEOS and Drupal. We implement product information management systems using Akeneo. For individual software development, we rely on Laravel, Symfony, Yii or .NET. Mobile apps can be implemented either as native apps for IOS and Android or as hybrid or progressive web apps.


We develop digital and hybrid trade fair concepts. In doing so, we use digital environments and platforms that enable interaction and personal address and moderation. Our focus is also on involving visitors as emotionally and entertainingly as possible in digital or hybrid presentations and trade fairs. We use virtual environments, VR, AR and combine these with emotional moving image content, interactive and dynamic customer journeys, quizzes, surveys and virtual breakout rooms.


Ralph Bergmann


Content Management

We develop corporate websites and career websites on the basis of powerful and investment-safe content management systems. Within this framework, we realise the integration of digital business processes and interfaces.

App development

We create exciting and technologically convincing apps across all platforms and operating systems. Whether native app or hybrid web app, there is no compromise with us. Taking into account the needs of the user groups and in close consultation with our customers, we develop comprehensive solutions that inspire. In addition to native programming, we also rely on frameworks such as Flutter and Cordova.

Progressive Web Apps

Online usage is shifting more and more to mobile devices. The trend in mobile applications is to become technologically independent of native apps without losing the real app experience. Progressive web apps combine the usability advantages and user experience of native apps with current developments based on open web standards and barrier-free access via the browser.

Application development

We conceive, design and develop digital business processes in the form of browser-based web applications. The focus is on applications in the field of data management, reporting software combined with interfaces to third-party systems or app applications for mobile use on tablets or smartphones.

UX/UI Design

We love to inspire and develop digital products with added value. With UX strategies and attractive, unique user interfaces, we push you forward and increase your digital success factor. A good user experience not only influences the interaction with your website, but also strengthens brand perception and optimises the recommendation behaviour of your users. Convince your customers with intuitive websites and customised apps.

Search engine / SEO optimisation

The optimisation of visibility and the resulting findability in search engines is an essential part of a web project. A solid, strategic approach to SEO guarantees our clients a long-term positioning that generates leads. Draw attention to yourself! Increase the awareness and communication of your company with us.

Prototype development

In order to effectively design new digital products and test their use, we develop interactive prototypes with different levels of functionality and usability, depending on your needs. This approach guarantees a high degree of certainty in the development of digital applications with regard to necessary functions and user-friendliness.


Our concept for success? We combine classic and digital brand management with a high level of technological excellence. Whether classic disciplines such as corporate branding, print design and campaigns or technological disciplines such as websites, apps and software: as a digital agency and communications agency in Stuttgart, we love and live them all. Classic and digital brand management, target-oriented positioning and effective communication are our passion. We fully manage your project from start to finish across all disciplines. We are enthusiastic brand lovers, convincing content professionals and adept techies. We will lead you into a successful future!

Experience and competence

Both components are essential to achieve high development quality. Our developers have been with the company for an average of 8 years. Each team consists mostly of senior developers. We use technologies and processes that we have known for years. We build on technologies and frameworks that have a solid developer community and support is guaranteed for years to come.


Testing applications is an essential part of the development process. We rely on full-time professional testers and tools. We use manual as well as automated testing with tools such as Selenium and PHP-Unit. Applications are tested on a variety of different devices using appropriate equipment and tools. Tests are documented using a ticket system and any weaknesses found are tracked and rectified in the course of this.


In order to secure managed data and to protect applications from manipulation, it is necessary to presuppose corresponding security standards during development. Security standards are ensured through appropriate training, code reviews and tests designed for security.


The documentation of the developments takes place in the code itself and in a wiki accompanying the project. Changes and further developments are also documented in the code repository. In this way it is possible for new team members and other developers to understand functions and contexts in a reasonable amount of time.

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Full Moon Brandcode

We are embedded in the Full Moon Brandcode, a heterogeneous agency for brand communication that covers a broad spectrum of brand and live communication. We are both a digital agency and a communications agency. Especially in the field of employer branding, you will find a unique portfolio of services at Full Moon in the area of employer brand strategy, employer brand concepts and measures that pay off for your project.


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