Brand trends as inspiration for innovative event concepts

Our conception expert Jonathan Geyer spoke together with Prof. Dr. Sören Bär at the 9th Scientific Conference on Event Research of the TU Chemnitz about "Brand trends as inspiration for innovative event conception".

Our conception expert Jonathan Geyer was invited together with Prof. Dr. Sören Bär to the 9. Wissenschaftliche Konferenz Eventforschung at theTechnischen Universität Chemnitz to speak to a total of 250 representatives from science and business about "Brand trends as inspiration for innovative event conception".

The starting point of the presentation was the question of what effects existing brand trends of global players have on the conception of live communication measures. Jonathan Geyer - since 2012 head of conception at Full Moon – confirms that there is currently a wealth of established trends that have a decisive influence on the conception and character of live communication measures. Prof. Dr. Bär, who holds a professorship for marketing and event management at the Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft in Berlin, underpinned by an in-depth look at the theory of brand trends.

A selection of recognisable brand trends and the conceptual interpretation in live communication:

1. Employer branding

Today, companies are keen to make their employer brand attractive for potential and highly qualified employees and to retain their own employees in a targeted manner. Employer Branding therefore focuses on the awareness and perception of the employer by its employees and needs groups.

As a result, agencies such as Full Moon are commissioned to create innovative employee events. Such events, like the s.Oliver REAL STARS Award, put the employee in the centre. At the event, the employee enters into direct communication and interaction with his employer, thus stimulating emotionalisation, motivation and identification of the employee with his employer.

2. Pop-up stores

Companies are increasingly using temporary shops in unusual locations for targeted brand staging. These are usually intended to be as improvised as mobile market stalls.

The pop-up store's mechanism of action lies in the artificial scarcity of the product in a brand-oriented shop concept. These temporary stores like the Mazda Lounge in Düsseldorf and Berlin - staged by Full Moon Event – are designed to be experience-oriented and interactive through barista and lounge areas, simulators, product modules or even competitions. Pop-up stores are mostly used for exclusive events such as the German premiere of the Mazda CX-5.

3. Blue Ocean principle

This principle describes the placement of a brand outside the competitive environment in order to conquer new markets in a targeted manner and avoid competition. On the one hand, this results in lower costs for the company, as competitive factors are eliminated. On the other hand, it ensures innovative value creation and high growth, as new target groups are usually addressed. Thus the Full Moon Promotion for the Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH has already implemented several stands at non-automotive trade fairs such as Photokina, Eurobike and IFA. Mazda did not focus on Mazda as a car manufacturer, but on its striving for design, technology and lifestyle. Music on two-wheelers, CARaoke in the vehicle or 360° photo modules provided an experience-oriented side event and a publicity-effective action.

4. Integrated Brand Campaigns

Integrated brand campaigns describe a 360° networking of the event thanks to multi-channel campaigns. The event itself like the Car Infotainment Campaign „Fiat 500 – find your secret x-place“ from the year 2015, which was implemented by the Full Moon Event, takes centre stage and simultaneously links to online, mobile, social media and print. The company enters into an increased dialogue with event participants and interested parties. This is because the various social channels that are used in parallel offer the target group a direct, multi-sensory and interactive experience with the brand. The brand is thus emotionalised and spreads thanks to the community in the virtual and real world. At the event itself, there is a varied mix of entertainment, information, advice and interactive experiences that inspire and strengthen the brand in people's minds.

5. Brand and Service 4.0

Particularly in the course of digitisation, there are achievements and services from companies which are hardly tangible and difficult to present due to their virtual nature. The task of an agency for live communication is therefore to turn these services into a real experience.

2016 the Full Moon Communication together with the Full Moon Event the Digiloge Event® for the Product Launch von MAX invented. The cloud-based maintenance solution MAX of thyssenkrupp Elevator AG became emotionally tangible thanks to an analogue reflection of digital data. The guests ate their favourite food, listened to their favourite songs or read about the similarities with their neighbours at their tables. On top of that, MAX was given a face through the personalised campaign "Hello, I am MAX". MAX interacted as a real person with the invited guests, who thus became part of the brand experience.





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