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TYPO3 interface to DeepL: Translate websites at the touch of a button

Company portals, career sites, intranets and many other corporate websites must be continuously maintained in terms of content. The more extensive the content, the more time-consuming it is to translate it into other languages. But this does not have to be the case! We have developed an uncomplicated solution for content that is maintained with the content management system TYPO3: Website translation with DeepL directly from TYPO3.

In the daily work of editors and content managers, things have to move fast: A text adjustment here, a new content element there. Once the changes and new website texts have been entered into the content management system in the original language, the translations have to be synchronised. The more international a company is, the more language versions have to be taken into account. This is a mammoth task for which often hardly any money or time is budgeted and which the individual editor cannot manage alone - after all, who can master all the required languages at the level of a native speaker?

Top 5 advantages of an automated translation from TYPO3 with DeepL

Time saving

Traditional translation processes take time. On the one hand, the online editor can draw on his or her own resources within the company and bring linguistically skilled colleagues on board for the translation. These then often translate on the side and need processing time. On the other hand, they can hire a professional translation service provider. However, this service provider must first be found and briefed. The TYPO3 interface to the AI-based online service for machine translation DeepL enables fast and uncomplicated translation at the touch of a button - at any time.

Capacity relief

Translations with manpower tie up capacity. The translations have to be entered, processed, checked, revised if necessary, released and entered. Several people are often involved in this process. Various capacities are tied up, which are then lacking elsewhere. Automated website translation with DeepL, directly from the TYPO3 content management system, eliminates many steps.


The time required and the capacities tied up in classic translation processes clearly illustrate why it is often very difficult to make new language versions on websites "live" in a timely manner. As a result, the international synchronicity of the website is endangered and often not given. It is an immense task to keep track of everything and to make corrections. With the translation option directly from TYPO3, the content can be kept in sync in different languages with a click, even with the smallest of changes.

Cost savings

No matter who translates - be it your own employees, freelancers or an agency - costs are incurred in any case. Employees need valuable working time. For certified translation service providers, the costs depend on the language and complexity of the text. Recurring costs are incurred for each new translation. The implementation of our TYPO3 interface to DeepL is cost-effective and creates a work platform that enables any number of automated translations without additional costs. The development costs are quickly amortised.

Complete solution

While classical translations involve different areas, our interface implementation of DeepL in TYPO3 is an elegant all-in-one solution for your complete company portal. Whether company website, career website, landing pages, intranet or other web applications - our interface enables fast and high-quality translations into 29 different languages. We also take into account individual Typo3 extensions and create a customised effective work interface for your content management team.

Quality check: precise translation by AI via DeepL

Can a machine with artificial intelligence translate just as well as a human? DeepL uses artificial intelligence and a neural network to translate texts so well that even professional translators hardly have a chance to distinguish them from manually translated texts. On average, texts translated with DeepL are 3 times more precise than those translated by other machine translation services. For the standard case of translation between German and English used in the DACH region, DeepL is even 6 times more precise. According to Statista and Bitkom Research, 42 percent of respondents already use automated translation and 32 percent plan to do so, and the trend is rising.

Those who do not want to blindly trust the automated translation have the option of editing text segments directly in TYPO3 and changing the translation if necessary, as well as storing a glossary with predefined blocking terms (e.g. technical terms, proper names).

Technical course: How does the TYPO3 interface work?

As a TYPO3 agency with over 15 years of experience, we are pleased to offer an interface for automated translations that facilitates the content management process. Technically, the website is broken down into text segments and their translation status (new, already translated, revised) is checked. The text segments are then translated once with DeepL and saved locally. A new translation only takes place if the content of a text segment has changed. The process is automated and independent of editorial work, so that the editor does not have to worry about the translation data records.

The text segments are transmitted to DeepL via REST API in encrypted and encoded JSON format via HTTPS. This means that sensitive data can also be sent and received for translation.

Example of automated translation via TYPO3 and DeepL

For our client Fohhn Audio AG, which has specialised in innovative audio system solutions for mobile applications and fixed installations for almost 30 years, we have already successfully used the Typo3 interface to DeepL, making the company website displayable in seven languages including Chinese.

Fohhn Audio AG | Website Relaunch | Full Moon Group


We are constantly developing our services. If you too would like to have the content of your company portal translated with TYPO3 at the click of a mouse via DeepL, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you.


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