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What is a career website?

Potential new employees already inform themselves about the employer before their application. Most of them expect to find comprehensive information on a company's own career page or career website. It can either be part of the corporate website or designed as a stand-alone platform. A career website not only lists open positions in the company, but also emphasises the company's unique selling points and presents the company's values, corporate culture and the prevailing working methods in everyday professional life. Interested applicants can thus get a comprehensive picture of the potential employer and its strengths and decide for themselves whether they feel comfortable there. Designed to suit the target group and programmed in a user-friendly way, the career page acts as a positive start to the candidate experience.

Why is a corporate career website important?

A company's own career website increases the visibility of the company in the digital job search of potential applicants. Although many companies also use online job boards or publish vacancies on their social media channels, their own career page is the most important channel for publishing job advertisements for most companies. According to Recruiting Trends 2020, interested candidates will find 86.4% of the job advertisements of the top 1,000 companies and 98.3% of the IT companies accumulated there. The internet job exchanges, on the other hand, publish only 74.1% (top 1,000 companies) and 80.8% (IT companies). Often the texts of the advertisements there are not as comprehensive and the information about the employer not as in-depth as on the company's own career website. Therefore, many applicants use the career page as a reliable primary source for their research. A huge opportunity for companies! Because with a well-conceived and well-designed career website, the company can positively differentiate itself from the competition on the labour market and successfully position itself as an attractive employer brand. A career page is one of the most important measures in the employer branding process. Incidentally, Recruiting Trends predicts that a corporate career website will become increasingly important in the future: almost nine out of ten companies want to use their career website even more effectively by 2030 and rely more on digital applicant management and corresponding IT in human resources.

How we support you in setting up your Career Page

In order for your career website to inspire potential applicants in the long term, it is crucial to invest the necessary time and leisure in its preparation. Effort that pays off! We pay special attention to the following points during our comprehensive consultation:

01. Analysis: market and target group

Only those who know their target group and the market can be successful. In the first phase of our cooperation, our Full Moon experts analyse your previous website presence. We also take a look at your competitors. We analyse your target group and their needs. Together we get to the bottom of who you want to reach as applicants and how you can do this effectively with your new career site.

02. Positioning as an employer: employer branding

On your career website you present your company as an attractive employer with unique selling points. Your employer brand forms the foundation of reliable employer communication. Our Full Moon experts from the areas of conception and communication develop a custom-fit brand strategy for you based on a comprehensive analysis and focus on your unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP). We then integrate this into all areas of your career page and achieve a high recognition value for applicants within your brand presence and your communication measures and channels along the entire employee life cycle.

03. Relevant content with added value

Based on the previous considerations and insights, we recommend specific content for your career website that is important for interested candidates and generates real added value. At Full Moon, conceptual tasks as well as text, image and film production can be implemented under one roof. You benefit from an interlinked comprehensive optimisation offer from a single source.

04. Convincing design

Only if your career website has an appealing and authentic design, you will be able to attract the right applicants. We will develop a convincing online presence for you, considering your corporate design, the needs of the target group and the technical framework conditions. If desired, our Full Moon experts will also take care of an individual image language and coordinate photo shoots for you. Take the opportunity to present your employees as testimonials and important decision-makers in the company! Show your face to the outside world!

05. State-of-the-art development

Whether it's a text-focused career page, a career website with an integrated digital application process or a large and comprehensive applicant portal - thanks to the many years of experience of our Full Moon developers, we promise a technically perfect result. An implemented back-end system allows you to maintain and update your content easily and independently without any programming knowledge.

06. Marketing & social media

We make sure that your new career website is found online. In addition to SEO, our Full Moon experts also take care of attention-grabbing campaigns and help you create a social media concept.

Checklist: What makes a great career website

A great career website has several positive effects: It increases your visibility as an employer, attracts suitable applicants and can shorten your recruiting time. This way you make your career page the hub of your recruiting and present yourself as an attractive employer:

01. Write job postings

Publish all relevant information about the advertised position on your career website (clear task profile, necessary competences, general conditions such as time limit and type of employment, place of work and benefits, etc.). Make sure that the text is individualised in your tone of voice and that the wording is gender-appropriate. Use SEO-relevant search terms in the page title and job title. Name a contact person for queries and list which application documents you need.

02. Explain application procedures

Be transparent about how the application process will continue for interested parties and define an HR specialist who will be in contact with potential candidates. It is essential that you accompany the waiting phases during the application situation - this already reflects the appreciation you have for your employees as an employer during the candidate journey.

03. Up-to-dateness

Keep your job advertisements up to date and regularly delete advertisements that are no longer needed.

04. Usability

The design and layout of your career website should focus on user-friendliness and responsive implementation.

05. Digital application process

Use your new career page as an interface for your digital application process. Digitalisation in this area has many advantages: Online applications are a great time saver for both, HR and interested parties. Applicants can view the status of their application immediately. The integration of FAQs or a chat bot can answer common questions in advance of an interview.

06. Employees as testimonials

Use your career website to give a lively insight into everyday working life with interviews and photos of your employees. Show how they work in an agile and innovative way and how they, as an employer, make it possible to combine work and family life or ensure safety and health in the workplace.

07. Position your employer brand

Use your career page to present yourself authentically as an employer. Give honest insights into your company culture and values. If your company has won awards or shows special social commitment, you should report on this. Company benefits such as eBike leasing, further training opportunities or company pension schemes are also interesting.

08. Candidate Listening

Be aware of which candidates you want to reach and what topics they are currently interested in. This is the only way to create content with added value (for example in magazine articles or specials) that builds a bond with the company and creates trust even before the job starts.

09. Success control

Analysis tools help you to control success. Regularly check how the length of stay and bounce rates on your career page change and adjust them if necessary.

10. Keep up with it

A career website is constantly evolving. Revise your content regularly and integrate innovations - for example important personnel changes or strategic realignments. With a lively magazine section, you regularly provide your applicants with up-to-date added-value content, increase your visibility in search engines and strengthen your image as an employer brand.

What do career websites have to do with employer branding?

In the "war for talents" no one can avoid the topic of employer branding. The digital presence of a company as an employer in the recruiting process has never been as important as it is now! A company's own career website is the optimal platform to position itself as a strong employer brand and to differentiate itself from the competition with a unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Find out more about the advantages of a career website as an employer branding measure here:

01. Self-determination

On your company's own career website, you can determine the content, design and usability yourself - according to your requirements and needs as an employer brand. This makes you independent of regulations and the accessibility of third-party providers such as online job portals. Decide for yourself when, in what form and for how long you publish vacancies!

02. Content hub

Make your career page the centre of your recruiting. Publish all relevant information for applicants here and provide diverse content with added value. Then your career page will become a content hub and thus the most important contact point for interested parties from other channels such as online job portals, social media platforms or career fairs. Through your content, you can target your desired audience and increase the accuracy of the applications submitted.

03. Visibility

With a career page, you increase the visibility of your company in the job search. We show you how to optimise content SEO to ensure that your page ranks well and that you are easily found for the relevant search terms.

04. Effective exchange with your applicants

On your career website, you can get in touch with interested candidates in a low-threshold way. Simplify applications with easy-to-use online forms. Answer common questions in FAQs or offer chat functions. A career page as an interface to digital applicant management saves a lot of time in the recruiting process - for your HR team, but also for the applicants.

05. Space for your story

Your career page gives you the space you need to present yourself comprehensively as an employer brand. Take the opportunity to tell your story. Where are the roots of your company? What corporate culture and values do employees expect? What does the working environment look like? How agile and innovative is your workforce? What is your EVP? What benefits do you offer your employees? You can answer all these questions in a varied and entertaining way in a variety of content formats: images, videos, podcasts, social media posts or blog entries. Decide for yourself in which format you want to present your employer brand!


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