How to bring the start-up culture back into the agency

Miriam Specht is an expert in transformation processes and is currently in the process of completely repositioning the Stuttgart agency Full Moon. In the W&V interview she talks about creative performance in cafés, the useless controlitis of bosses and the working worlds of tomorrow.

Fifteen years of Full Moon are a cause for celebration. For Tim Höchel, who founded the event agency in 2001, they were also cause for reflection. When he prepared his speech for the anniversary celebration last year, he realised: Something is missing. What once drove the entrepreneur, the desire to work freely, to burn for something without the corset of a working world with a time clock - all this has been lost Full Moon over the years.

With a new agency model, he now wants to get it all back. Agency head Miriam Specht has hired Miriam Specht for this. The managing director of Yellow Frog (Stuttgart) is an expert in transformation processes.

First, all 135 agency employees took part in a survey. Specht conducted individual interviews with 32 of them. There are five main topics that occupy the colleagues: autonomous working ("working time models"), more time for inspiration/creativity, accompanied training, better knowledge management ("networking") and more agile tools.

Specht's aim is to create working environments in which all employees can act and decide freely, so that they can develop their full potential. W&V editor Conrad Breyer spoke with the transformation expert.





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