Full Moon Group: Work environments 4.0

We - a Stuttgart communications agency with over 100 men and, above all, women - are reinventing ourselves. And by that I mean that we are completely turning our internal working structures upside down.

The topic of working environments has been circulating in the public domain for quite some time now: What makes us different from all the results that have been published, discussed and debated to date? Very much.

My vision for Full Moon: People should come together to achieve great things - and they should be able to work and decide freely and self-determinedly. I developed this vision without external factors. The agency has just been voted fifth among the largest event agencies in Germany and all the signs could give us the certainty that we are on the right track. Nevertheless, we are willing to tackle this vision in our organisation because we are sure that in this way potential, talent and motivation can be released even better.

The first challenge: Where do we start?

The path into a new era of cooperation begins before the rise. Because the goal is clear, but where do you start? And how do you make sure that everyone is motivated and convinced? At the moment, no German company can claim to have already completed the transformation. Many are on the way to transferring their old structures into new ones, but no organisation has finally completed this process. There are many pioneers, models and masterminds, there is Silicon Valley, but there is no universal system to refer to.

At Full Moon we have therefore decided to work out our very own path.

So to get an orientation for the route we asked those who know best what their future working world should look like: The employees.

Initially through an employee survey and then through intensive qualitative interviews, we received statements and answers that made it clear in which topics the employees are particularly passionate about and see a need for change. We are also supported in this process by professional experts. Miriam Specht, Managing Director of Yellow Frog, has specialised in transformation processes on the way to new working environments and supports the organisation in its subsequent phases.

The second challenge: How do you reorganise an organisation when everyone is working like crazy?

There are few people in an agency doing a 9 to 5 job, more likely the people are land under. So how exactly do you manage to work consistently on changes with these employees? We simply asked them here too. In a kick-off event we wanted to know how much time they could realistically invest per week in the "New Moon" project. The answer: 1 hour. 1 hour per week may not sound like much at first glance, but it is a lot if you can get a lot of people to work on change in this way. At Full Moon, over 50 colleagues immediately signed up for the individual topics, and the groups started working before Christmas. The whole thing could start so easily because it is easily integrated into the daily work routine.

The first Blue Prints

The lifeblood issues with which we have started and from which the first tailor-made new forms of work will emerge have been established. The first test phase with ideas for reorganising our working hours has begun. Follow us and find out how our odyssey to the "New Moon" will continue.





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