Employer branding as an advantage in times of crisis

The ongoing pandemic with all its restrictions affects employers and employees alike and has permanently changed the world of work. Why should employers focus on employer branding, especially in times of crisis, and what are the current challenges in recruiting? Katrin, our Senior Consultant in the field of employer branding, has been involved in building employer brands for over ten years. She sees her greatest professional successes in satisfied clients who, thanks to our comprehensive service, have been able to attract more employees who fit in with them and who stay with the company for many years. What fascinates Katrin most about employer branding consulting is that people are at the centre of all considerations. Because both companies and employees benefit from authentic employer branding.

Why does employer branding have a positive impact on both employers and employees?
Employer branding has an effect not only externally, but also within the company. Companies are sharpening their focus on their individual Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and are motivated to develop further in line with the times. This has an impact on all areas of the company - both strategically and organisationally. Regular satisfaction surveys among employees and taking up the corresponding results are particularly recommended here. This promotes commitment. If employers think about the working reality of their employees, they are usually open to innovations and new working models. Satisfied employees work more effectively and are more motivated than employees who are never asked for their opinion. Potential new employees also have the chance to get to know employers - who rely on employer branding - before they actually apply. University graduates, high school graduates, trainees, but also experienced professionals or career changers who would like to reorient themselves can thus find a suitable employer in the labour market much more easily, where they feel comfortable and whose mindset fits their needs. So all sides benefit from employer branding: Companies, existing employees and potential applicants.

How have the requirements for recruiting new employees changed against the background of the Corona pandemic? And which employer branding measures have become important as a result?
Katrin: Fear reigns among many people in employment due to the tense economic situation: "If I quit my job now and start a new one, is it safe?" They prefer to stay in the existing employment relationship and are afraid to take this risk. This cautious behaviour slows down both employees in their development and companies in filling vacant positions. Recruiting has become more of a challenge than ever! Similarly, solid onboarding under pandemic conditions is a difficulty. After all, many companies work entirely from home offices and direct contact is lacking. There are new models in which new colleagues are searched for, interviewed and selected from within the team. This is supposed to create a good team feeling right from the start and integrate existing staff. In my opinion, it is now more important than ever not to leave established staff out of the recruiting process. Especially at a distance, employees need to feel that they are included in decisions. This promotes loyalty to the employer. I therefore see a modern application and onboarding process, which should authentically reflect the company's philosophy and values, as an important component of employer branding. A well thought-out communication strategy is essential for this. In my opinion, companies should use this time of change as an opportunity to sharpen their employer profile. Especially if there are fewer orders at the moment, I recommend companies to use the time available to devote themselves more intensively than before to the topic of employer branding. When the market picks up again, they will benefit from it and be able to attract suitable employees more effectively.

Why is it important for companies to focus on employer branding, especially in times of economic crisis?

Employer branding measures are not only aimed at recruiting, but also at retaining and motivating employees. In times of crisis, it is important to continue to promote your most important employees and to actively bind them to the company. This is the only way to keep competent people in the company. Change management is also an important aspect of employer branding. If a company has to reposition itself, a functioning change management is of elementary importance.

Why is employer branding not only interesting for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises?

Employer branding is especially important for small and medium-sized enterprises, as they have to be able to swim in the big pond with the others and attract the same high potentials. Most large companies already rely on different employer branding measures. To avoid being left behind, small and medium-sized enterprises should highlight their advantages over large companies and rely on their long-term employees as testimonials. Regionally, this can build up a very good image and make them an attractive employer. Family businesses in particular can score points through their proximity to employees and thus create a close bond.

In which sectors do you currently see a particular need for employer branding and why?

In the nursing/hospital and municipal administration sectors. According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 1.7 million people worked in system-relevant care services in Germany in 2019. There is too little staff here and the attractiveness of the employers does not appear particularly great to jobseekers at the moment. Therefore, these facilities and institutions need a comprehensive employer branding strategy. I also see focal points in the target groups of IT and education. There is an enormous demand in both areas - on the one hand for qualified specialist staff, and on the other hand for apprenticeships and trainees.

How can Full Moon help? What characterises our agency in the field of employer branding?
Full Moon is characterised by the expertise of its colleagues. We have experience in a wide variety of employer branding measures - for the big, but also for the small purse. From career pages to digital productions in front of green screens or hybrid educational events. We work independently of industries and advise our clients with a fresh eye. In addition, we offer full service from a single source thanks to our 360-degree approach - from analysis, consulting and concrete conception to implementation and success monitoring. We are approachable, emotional and customer-oriented!

Dear Katrin, thank you very much for the interview!
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