Good employer communication during the crisis

The Corona crisis is a major challenge for employers. We have read and heard this everywhere in recent weeks. Seeing the crisis as an opportunity, changing management behaviour, living new work and having confidence in employees. Where do managers have to start in order to see and use the opportunities in this crisis?

If we look at the last few months, many companies have been facing a major challenge for a long time. A battle for qualified specialists, but competing with redundancies due to the economic situation. It is a challenge for employers to position themselves attractively in the labour market and at the same time to take away the insecurity of their employees and bind them to the company. It is obvious: employer branding is more important than ever. Employers must position themselves both externally and internally and communicate clearly.

As a communications agency, we have been working a lot on this topic over the last few weeks. We have looked at the various channels and levers an employer has to overcome these challenges. Our conclusion: There is not one solution. But there is a way. The issue is very complex. That is why we are focusing first on the challenges in the current crisis and on the question of how a company can retain the spirit that motivates, drives and connects employees in times of uncertainty and physical distance.


Communication, communication, communication. Nothing new, but a hygiene factor that must be absolutely given. The employee is in a new situation, the working environment is different, the job does not seem as safe as it did a few weeks ago. A lack of social contacts and little variety frustrate. We all like to have our fate in our own hands. That is why it is important to keep in touch with the employees on a continuous basis. Weigh up which information is suitable for communication, because constantly changing information conveys uncertainty. Instead, show trust and confidence. Trust in your employees, but also in your own ability to come out of the crisis stronger. And emphasise how each individual can contribute to this!


Reflect on the current situation and the impact it has on the spirit in your company. Try to identify opportunities in it. Because this crisis brings with it a new social solidarity that can also be applied to the work situation. A flourishing sense of community, creative ideas, staying in touch with one another, the dissolution of spatial boundaries through digital technologies, inspiration through the change of scene, a new mindset for managers - all these are movements that are also taking place in your company. Analyse them for your company and use them.


In our home office we are constantly connected, via e-mail, telephone conferences or video platforms. But how can your team also remain emotionally connected? In everyday working life this takes place in the moments between work. Animate this space! What challenges do your employees master in the home office? What are their personal highlights? How do they keep themselves creative? What connects your employees during this time? It's not just about managing the workload well, but also about entertaining the mind - and continuing conversations during breaks, just in a different way.

Showing trust, recognising opportunities and becoming creative are a start. But you can only really keep the spirit if you do not leave it to itself.

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