Employer branding as an opportunity for Baden-Württemberg

The problem: We have a persistent shortage of skilled workers in Baden-Württemberg - or rather: in "THE LÄND". Skilled workers with the appropriate qualifications will be in greater demand than ever before and are therefore real raw diamonds.


Because the fact is: In 2035, there will be a shortage of around 863,000 skilled workers in Baden-Württemberg! This is shown by the current IHK Skilled Worker Monitor, which depicts the supply and demand potential of Baden-Württemberg's skilled workers up to the year 2035.


How can this be in a high-growth region like Baden-Württemberg?  

One reason is demographic change: the workforce and thus also the skilled workers in companies are getting older and older. The IHK Skilled Worker Monitor calculates an increase in the average age in 2021 from 45.2 years to 49 years in 2035. This means that the supply potential will decrease enormously in the next few years: many workers from the baby boomers are retiring, while fewer young talents are coming on board. Accordingly, the shortage of skilled workers will continue to worsen.

Already today, every third company in Baden-Württemberg sees the lack of skilled workers as an acute business risk - according to the IHK business surveys.

What does the shortage of skilled workers mean for companies?

A sufficient number of qualified workers is crucial for the high international competitiveness of companies in the Stuttgart region and throughout Baden-Württemberg! Economic growth is not possible without sufficient skilled personnel at all qualification levels.

That is why the focus must be on Baden-Würrtemberg. The attractiveness of the business location and employers must be emphasised. Attention must be drawn to the growth and innovation factor. As the perfect place for young talents.

How does this work?

Jung von Matt has shown the way - with the state-wide marketing campaign "THE LÄND". With this campaign, Baden-Württemberg wants to present itself self-confidently and with a dose of self-irony: The only true place for the perfect work-life balance in Germany.

The Jung von Matt campaign "THE LÄND" has also left its mark on us. Whether you love it or hate it - one thing it is in any case: controversial and polarising!


Congratulations to Jung von Matt for the outstanding campaign and to the state government of Baden-Württemberg for having the courage to run such a campaign. It will certainly not go unnoticed in "THE LÄND" and will provide plenty of material for discussion. Baden-Württemberg has definitely gained attention with this campaign.  

Our "THE LÄND" Employer Branding Mission

We are happy to support the campaign and adapt it for further use. Because we have a similar mission: to make employers in Baden-Württemberg more attractive for qualified professionals! We want to make visible what Baden-Württemberg companies have to offer. How valuable they are as employer brands and how employees can grow with these champions. We bring hidden values, exciting cultures and important visions to life. The companies in "THE LÄND" deserve to attract the best professionals.

Why should companies rely on employer branding? Don't employer branding measures only cause additional costs? The success of a company is largely determined by the skills of qualified employees and their motivation to work. Globalisation and spatially flexible working increasingly permeate everyday life and open up a seemingly borderless labour market with new perspectives for potential skilled workers. It is becoming more and more important for employers to hold their own against the ever-growing competition. Building a strong employer brand is essential for this. Those who consciously pursue an individual employer branding strategy now and invest in suitable employer branding measures are investing in the future.

A company's good reputation, authenticity in terms of corporate values and appreciative treatment of the workforce will become even stronger criteria for potential new employees when looking for a job in the future. Cross-channel employer branding thus becomes a competitive advantage!


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Source: https://www.bw.ihk.de/_Resources/Persistent/41cb17e2e3a26a6fdf2a22036b87d866e9da5c74/20210712_Fachkr%C3%A4fte-Monitor%202035_Langtext.pdf 





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