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Full Moon Experience
Customer: Unitymedia GmbH

Are you a sportsman, a tinkerer, very creative or rather a connoisseur? The employees of Unitymedia were able to find that out individually and actively participate in their spring festival. To this end, Full Moon Event developed the Frühlings_ACTion for the first time - an event for Unitymedia employees from various locations throughout Germany. A colourful event with a total of 96 workshops on the topics of customer loyalty, brand identity and employee branding awaited the approximately 1,000 participants at Chamäleon Beach near Mainz. What is your favourite animal? Your spring hit 2018? You know the changing room in the sports club not only from hearsay? Do you have a little Picasso in you? There are four different personality types - the creative brain, the sports ace, the master tinkerer or the bon vivant. Because everyone knows from their everyday lives that a successful team lives from the contrasts and different talents of its various personalities. To this end, Full Moon Event had over 44,000 personalised stickers produced - including portraits of the employees. These could be exchanged, collected and pasted in the course of the day. Not only did everyone receive a colourful mix of characters for the perfect team, but also a personal souvenir of the day. The gourmets among the employees were able to find out which grape they liked best at a wine tasting. The master tinkerers had to solve an exit game or assemble a Lego technology car under time pressure. The sports cannons could let off steam playing table football, volleyball and table tennis, while the creative pear at the painting station elegantly guided the brush across the canvas.

 Referenz - Unitymedia - Spring action  Referenz - Unitymedia - Spring action  Referenz - Unitymedia - Spring action  Referenz - Unitymedia - Spring action





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