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KiTa Zweckverband im Bistum Essen Corporate Design


Analysis and strategy, redesign of the logo, creation of a new CD, creation of explanatory videos, screen design website, programming website, hosting and support website
Full Moon Brandcode
Customer: KiTa Zweckverband

The Zweckverband Katholische Tageseinrichtungen für Kinder im Bistum Essen (Zweckverband KiTa) was founded in 2006 and is the central provider of 251 day care centres in the Ruhr diocese. It has around 3,500 employees and looks after over 16,000 children.

Full Moon Brandcode was commissioned by the KiTa Zweckverband for employer branding. In a first step, we dedicated ourselves to the intensified definition and modernisation of the corporate brand with a new appealing corporate design. The new look includes a completely new logo with new colours and shapes. For this, we conducted comprehensive analyses and organised workshops.

We implemented the new corporate design in various areas:
As the centrepiece of the corporate branding, we programmed a new website including screen design, text adaptations and took over hosting and support. As part of the go-live, we created explanatory videos for employees and interested parties on the innovations and presented the KiTa Zweckverband in detail under the heading Career as an attractive employer, which is characterised by strong values and a strong community.

We gave the activity report (100 pages, 1,200 copies) with address insert a facelift in the new look of the corporate design with new graphics, icons etc. and created a general flyer. The letter templates, job advertisements and press releases were also redesigned. For the employees of the KiTa Zweckverband, we designed new backgrounds for desktop, Microsoft Teams, smartphones, etc.

For the big unveiling of the new corporate design in mid-June, we designed a three-stage launch campaign based on the existing triad "Learn. Grow. Believe." In phase 1 "Learn", employees got to know the new CD in two explanatory videos and special newsletters. In phase 2 "Grow", the staff received a welcome package with seed bags, new pens, notepads, flyers, etc. In phase 3 "Believe", the new corporate design based on the defined corporate brand is filled with life.

What happens next? After the corporate brand has been successfully modernised and established, further internal and external measures are planned for the employer brand. Due to the redesign of the KiTa Zweckverband logo, the approximately 250 day care centres also have the opportunity to adapt their logo to the new look.

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