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Workshops, information architecture, structural concept, user interface design based on existing CIs, illustration, icon design, support photo shoot, agile project management, reference database, news, blog, career pages, optimised application process, event promotion incl. registration, newsletter registration, TYPO3 9, bootstrap, HTML, CSS, jQuery, SOLR search
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Customer: Afi Solutions GmbH

AFI is the leading solution provider for digitalisation and optimisation of document processes around SAP. The new online presence should attract customers and convince applicants of AFI.

In three workshops (identity & brand, customers, applicants) we helped AFI to find and shape their identity. With different workshop methods and many Post-It's we identified pain points, wishes and goals. The knowledge gained from this helped us to get a feeling for AFI, its clients and applicants. By listening carefully and asking specific questions we developed a feeling for AFI's wishes and needs, so that we were able to create a perfectly fitting design.

Structurally the confusing product structure was completely simplified and the switch from product thinking to solution thinking was accomplished. Each solution received a specially created illustration for visual separation. The career area was expanded in terms of content and designed to appeal to applicants. More than 25 icons were designed for the benefits alone, of course as a unified whole and matching the illustrations. An integrated application process ensures many, qualitative applications.

Screendesign of the AFI Solutions homepage  Referenz - Afi Solutions - Website Relaunch





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