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Full Moon Experience
Customer: Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH

To promote the brand perception of our client Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH, Full Moon Event pursued new, unconventional paths with its conceptual strategy.

Creative action modules at non-automotive trade fairs - such as photokina, Eurobike and IFA - were used to develop a brand-based trade fair concept that increased the experience of the Mazda brand world through surprising activation tools. At IFA, for example, the CARaoke module was staged. The clue: visitors could choose their favourite piece of music from a playlist and demonstrate their singing talent directly in the exhibition vehicle and shoot their personal music video. Afterwards, visitors could share the video with their friends in social networks. At the centre of the designs for the almost 250 square metre exhibition stands was an interactive element that established the link to the respective trade fair. The premiere took place in August at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. Full of highlights, the trade fair presentation was an experience that appealed to exhibitors, trade visitors and end consumers alike.

 Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA  Referenz - Mazda - IFA





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