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Customer: AOK Baden-Württemberg
AOK – THE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY For more than 130 years, the AOK, one of Germany’s biggest health insurances, has stood for security and a comprehensive medical assistance in the event of illness. In Baden-Württemberg more than four million customers have placed their trust in the AOK, which corresponds to a market share of 43% in the country. The Full Moon Promotion supports the AOK Baden-Württemberg on various events, as for example, at festivities, fairs, the “Gesundheitstage” (healthcare-day events) ex- and internal firm events, with skilled employees. Their attention-focus includes the appropriate addressing of target groups, as well as a comprehensive knowledge in the area of statutory health insurance. True to the motto: “AOK-GESUNDNAH” (“healthy and nearby”) they are not just ever-present, but close to their customers.
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