The wonderful world of our young stars

Our Full Moon Youngstars Virginia (19) and Lisa (20) have the following to say about their six-month internship at Full Moon:

Full Moon: What makes you happy?

Virginia: Good series, because a good series really dispels sorrow and worry. Is an insider. Only very few people know. (laughs) Besides, spending time with my friends, chatting and laughing...over a cup of tea or one, two or three Cuba libre...letting the child inside me out and switching off.

Lisa: To see other people happy. But at the moment, a salary increase wouldn't be bad either, to be able to visit my girlfriend in Bali.

"See other people happy."

FM: Suppose you were making a film about Full Moon, which famous song would you choose as your soundtack, and why?

V: dike child - Me and my computer. The lyrics are programme.

L: The song "Can`t hold us down" by Macklemore comes to my mind. The song says: "Tonight is the night, we'll fight 'til it's over. So we put our hands up. Like the ceiling can't hold us" - the team couldn't have put it better. Many thanks to Mr Macklemore.

"A good team to back you up..."

FM: The must-have for a moon walker:

V: A good team that will give you support and help you with words and deeds. And lots of coffee.

L: To master the moonwalk like Michael Jackson perfectly! And a good desk chair plus lots of sweets are worth their weight in gold.

FM: Imagine waking up one day in the body of Tim Höchel, Full Moon Managing Director. What would you do?

V: I don't have to think about it very much: I would immediately treat myself to a long holiday in the Maldives. One-way of course. I would also give my employees a company car.

L: Jet straight to work and open a specially designed job for old Lisa, which of course promises even more responsibility and can be done while she is studying. And increase the annual leave to, say, 35 days.

"A house by the sea."

FM: I want to be able to say that about myself in 30 years:

V: I don't even know what I'll have for lunch tomorrow...ask me again in ten years.

L: House by the sea, yeah you made it Lis'chen. Now you can use the next 30 years with a clear conscience to turn everything upside down.

We wish our youngstars good luck in the future and promise that the idea of 35 days of holidays will definitely be proposed to the management





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