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Full Moon has decided to lead all 140 employees into a new working environment. With NEW MOON - our internal transformation - we create more self-determination in working life. The aim is to create a place at Full Moon where everyone can show and release their potential.

The whole world at a click, that's the philosophy of the last 20 years. The World Wide Web has given us the key to all our questions. Everything we want to know can be found behind the door with the capital "Google" written on it. Thanks to Google, our society has freed itself from the idea of being dependent on something or someone when it comes to access to information. In addition, a wide variety of platforms such as blogs or social media give us the freedom of self-expression and a whole new dimension of freedom of speech. The Internet has become our greatest tool for unconditional autonomy in the here and now!

Private: ON - Work: OFF

For those of us who do not work independently or freelance, there seems to be a switch that flips from ON to OFF as soon as we enter our workplace. Autonomy and self-determination are suddenly gone, untraceable, swallowed, so to speak. Our role, associated work processes and our working hours, right up to the flow of information, everything is defined by a handful of people for the rest of the organisation. Every single attribute is strictly defined. The golden cage seems to suit us very well. But here is the crux of the dilemma: the seemingly sparkling grid robs us of any professional autonomy.

Apple, Amazon and Google have already revolutionised the trine of experience, convenience and data network yesterday; not only for customers but also for longstanding employees. All companies outside the big data business have not yet realised that it is time to see employees as customers. Besides money, it takes time, attention and energy for employees to recognise their potential and to bring it into the company. The global players make it clear that for this, freedom and autonomy simply lead to better results.

The rhetorical question, therefore, is: why is creativity and diversity still suppressed for conformity?

ON at work: potentials and strengths for a growing organisation

Full Moon has decided to lead all 140 employees into a new working environment. With NEW MOON - our internal transformation - we create more self-determination in working life. The aim is to create a place at Full Moon where everyone can show and release their potential.

NEW MOON is based on four projects that we are working on with all our heart and soul:

„A platform that houses our skills and makes them available.“

The Internet shows us that the right people can be found for a topic at any time, that it is easy to network, to work together at the same time and to make a difference from different points of view and locations. That is why we are building a unique platform where all contributions, knowledge and skills as well as new ideas can be virtually exposed, thus creating something new and groundbreaking.

„Training and learning are being redefined“

We are missing a huge opportunity if we are not prepared to learn from young people and their specific skills! They are our employees and customers of the future. Their views, attitudes and contributions already influence the developments of the coming years. As a training company with more than 30 apprentices, we are rethinking training: We have developed an ideal training journal with our apprentices. A completely new learning system has emerged in which the trainees navigate through the training in a self-determined way and at their own individual pace. They are no longer supported by just a few contacts, but by all employees and managers who actively contribute their knowledge and experience. The teaching includes the most modern learning and didactic methods, so that learning is fun and everyone can work up to maximum performance. Mentors and coaches also ensure personal development.

„Personal goals are always stronger than given goals“

In a company, goals are often driven by numbers and linked to turnover and growth. But does this also drive an employee personally? Doesn't he see other potential for the organisation and himself?

The idea is that every employee develops a target system for himself - from apprentice to managing director. The new generation of goals should reflect the abilities and interests of each individual and perfectly support what everyone wants to move and change. We are curious to see what we find out when we put the desire for success and growth into the hands and hearts of each individual.

„Potential cannot develop if it remains within a job description“

The rigid practice today is still to hire people according to the requirements of a job. Thus, applicants with their skills and aspirations "squeeze" themselves into a small package that fits the job advertisement perfectly. This imbalance is also reflected in studies, such as a Gallup study in which almost 2 million people worldwide stated that they could put 70 to 80 percent more of their skills into their jobs. What must tasks, team constellations and general conditions look like so that all potential can be released? The notion we are currently developing is that organisational structures, tasks and processes must be built around people's skills rather than the other way around. How can this look like? We will find out.


We have the future image of Full Moon clearly in mind: Full Moon should become a place where people, ideas and opportunities grow. It is obvious that such a place needs completely new paradigms, must provide completely new framework conditions and needs a changed culture of togetherness. The key to this lies in the potential boosting of each individual. This is the management craft of the future! Whether as an employee, as a manager or as a customer, our organisation will be measured in the future by the fact that every activity contributes to this goal. Accompany us on our journey and be there live when we dock on the NEW MOON and conquer it.

The fourth revolution is a bang for our digital freedom on every level of our lives. Working World 4.0 is a big bold term that is currently still not being given enough life. What works so brilliantly in private life thanks to our autonomy in dealing with structures and the provision of information can, may and should now also find its way into work: Be ON, be self-determined and free!

Read from now on regularly about NEW MOON in our magazine!

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