New Year`s Meeting 2016

Once a year for all Full Mooners: Pack your bags! Because then the New Year`s Meeting is just around the corner. This year the cosy get-together took place in snowy Isny. Infotainment was on the agenda for four days, with "-tainment" being the top priority.

And rightly so: because the Full Mooners are really looking forward to this year. A short interview with managing directors Tim Höchel and Sebastian Wiese:

The most important question at the beginning: Your highlight of this year`s New Year`s Meeting?

Tim: Definitely: The DJ ;-)
Sebastian: The shuttle driver!

Does a little irony resonate?

Tim: Never. (laughs)

What was the intention behind the four-day excursion?

Tim: The "we" feeling at Full Moon distinguishes us. The NYM is the perfect opportunity for us to have a great time together - far away from the work routine and the stress of everyday life.
Sebastian: It's all about US, in other words about every single person behind Full Moon.

So, what is on the agenda for this year?

Tim: We want to reinvent ourselves. That may sound pathetic, but it hits the nail on the head. Therefore we are ready to question and illuminate all aspects of ourselves as Full Moon in order to shape the "living world" of the future together.
Sebastian: The impulse behind this is not to stop - neither professionally nor privately. Not to lose sight of the developments in the industry as well as the needs and expectations of our full mooners - this is what we always aim for.

You laid the foundation for Full Moon as a two-man team 15 years ago. In the meantime there are almost 100 Full Mooners...

Tim: ... and we are still far from reaching our goal. Quality is much more important to us than the number of employees and our colleagues are certainly among the best. I don't know any false modesty (laughs).

Speaking of 15 years: That calls for an anniversary party, doesn't it?

Tim: Of course! At best 15 days in a row ...
Sebastian: 15 days in a row?
Tim: 15 days in a row!!!





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