Via app to the right part-time job

Full Moon launched an app for part-time job seekers in mid-January: Moonstar. Students can register easily and conveniently and choose the right job from a wide range of jobs nationwide.

365 days a year. The agency's client list includes brands and companies such as Porsche, Chupa Chups, Mercedes-Benz, s.Oliver and Rothaus.

"The application should serve as a platform for the search for the right part-time job. At home as well as on the road. No matter whether it is a part-time job during studies or a job for several weeks during the semester break. Once the personal wishes have been entered and the profile created, all suitable assignments are suggested. Applying for a job then only takes a few clicks," says Recruiting Manager Tobias Schiefelbein, describing the new app. At Full Moon, promoters are mainly used at events and trade fairs as well as for promotion campaigns and road shows throughout Germany.

"Moonstar" is available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.





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