Till in Talk

His name: Alsatian. Till Alsatian. Better known as "THE" Alsatian. Full Mooner for seven years and now managing director of Full Moon Event. In an interview he answers our questions.

What is the situation?

As a team we are well positioned and have many projects in the pipeline. So the situation is bright to sunny.

Who inspires you?

I think all of Michael Ende's works are great. And I have been doing so since I was a child. The high degree of creativity in his stories combined with the spirit of the times has always fascinated me. Have you read Momo? Read it and you will think differently about "time".

How do you manage to motivate your team for the visions of the Full Moon Event?

Individuality! There are two elementary aspects that play an important role: Being able to respond to each individual in the team is very important to me. Everyone has their own history, their individual expectations and wishes. These have to be understood and implemented together. The second important point is to promote the team as a whole. True to the motto: One for all, all for one! Harmony within the team is the permanent key to success.

What is the biggest challenge for you at the moment? 

Every single day is full of challenges: Being a role model for my children, having an open ear for my team, exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers... These are ongoing processes in which you grow day by day.

When you are in a good mood, how does that manifest itself?

People say I get very overexcited. I would infect the people around me with my good mood and distract them from working. I would always deny the latter.

How do you prepare for important client meetings?

I am very particular about customer meetings. I am a great friend of clear processes and structures, so everything is discussed and planned, right down to the appropriate dress code. Order is half the battle, isn't it?

When was the last time you were speechless?

When the German hip-hop band Blumentopf announced that they would end their musical career. You have to know that the band has accompanied me through thick and thin for two decades. My Trostpfalster are the last two tickets for the farewell tour in Munich, which I was able to buy at auction yesterday.

Which of your CDs is most embarrassing for you?

Oh, no. That is a sore point. Do I have to answer?

Yes, now more than ever.

I will never forget the title of the CD: Za za zabadack - hit after hit - dancing without a break. I was eleven years old and thought at the time that I was buying a great CD with many well-known titles. And then they were all bad covers of 30 seconds per piece of music. 30 DM for nothing! I think I cried.

What you always wanted to do?

Climb a 7.000 m mountain! And that's what I do. Somehow, somewhere, sometime! :)

Which historical event would you have liked to witness?

Woodstock! The time was unique! Out of the bourgeois world - into individuality. The "love" - as the most important good of a functioning society was celebrated. "Make love-not war" should be the motto today!

Which word do you use most often?

"In the end"





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