The purely analogue event no longer exists

Everyone is talking about digitisation, digital transformation and Industry 4.0 in a business context. At the same time, a current ranking by the Boston Consulting Group on the innovation leadership of brands and companies shows that intangible products and brands are at the top of the rankings. Google, Facebook, Apple and Co. More and more digital. More and more innovations. This also has an impact on the event industry.

The question of how to translate digital topics and brands as well as digital knowledge into the analogue world is becoming more and more common. For Full Moon Event Managing Director Till Elsässer it is clear: "The purely analogue event no longer exists. Digital is now a fixed component of every event concept. Sometimes less and sometimes more. But it won't work without it. Participants want to be entertained and surprised". Full Moon has developed the digital event format for this purpose - which is also registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office. A live experience that transfers digital worlds into space, emotionalises, has a lasting effect and surprises.

At its core is the use of digitally collected data as the basis for on-site implementation. Participants must answer various questions before the event. For example, the question about the favourite food, the favourite quotation, the favourite colour or the favourite football club. Similar to the data collection for digital profiles like Facebook and Co. The special: This data is filtered according to the big-data principle, evaluated and used for the creation of various analogue event modules. They influence the design of the menu. Or the CEO's speech. Or the interior design. Because a discreet Bordeaux red. There a sky blue in the entrance area. The guest influences the decoration on site. This emotionalises and creates a good atmosphere.

More tailor-made is not possible. Throughout the entire event, participants have the feeling that it has been individually designed for them. And with an elegant preparation of further information in the so-called Table Facts, no conversation is guaranteed to come to a standstill during dinner. Simple and a little crazy. But in any case a lot of digilog.





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