The professionals of the Full Moon People - Part 4

Katja Messer works for the Full Moon People in the Mercedes-Benz Museum. In a short interview she tells us about her everyday life in the museum.

In a short interview, the 30-year-old tells us about her funniest experience in the museum and what it takes to be successful together as a team.

The most important question right at the beginning: Do you enjoy your work?

Katja: Yes, absolutely. After four years you have certainly acquired a certain routine, which has its positive sides. As my tasks are varied and varied, you develop constantly despite the routines and never stand still. That's why every day at the museum is good for a surprise.

You are working for the Full Moon People at the Mercedes-Benz Museum as part of the temporary employment agency. What are you responsible for at the museum?

Katja: I am mainly active in the ticketing area and therefore always in direct customer service and advice.

And what challenges does your position entail?

Katja: Service is very important to us. My open and communicative manner is certainly an advantage. Every day, visitors from all over the world flock to the museum. That's how you come into contact with the most diverse cultures and languages. The best foreign language course you can imagine. (laughs)

If something doesn't work out as planned after all...?

Katja: ... luckily I have my contacts in the Full Moon People at my side. So it's not the end of the world, if something doesn't go according to plan. We are very well coordinated. One call is enough and together we find a solution. The group dynamics in particular benefit from this open communication.

What makes a successful team for you?

Katja: You have to be able to trust your colleagues' abilities and be able to complement each other. A good portion of humour, honesty and openness - then nothing stands in the way of a harmonious working atmosphere. If this is given, you also have a lot of fun. What more do you want?

Tell us your funniest experience at work!

Katja: A guest greeted me with a handshake and introduced himself with his surname, which happened to be identical to mine. So, I greeted him with my last name as well. The gentleman seemed irritated and repeated his surname again - me too. When he was about to introduce himself for the 3rd time, I clarified the situation. There are coincidences...





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