The professionals of the Full Moon People - Part 2

Ajtena has recently joined the Full Moon People Team. The 24-year-old works in the reception area of the Audi Used Car Centre. Ajtena tells us in a short interview about her work and why she stands out there.

If she had to describe her team in three words, she would answer: "helpful, friendly and cool".

What led you to Full Moon?

Ajtena: My sister started working at Full Moon at the beginning of the year at the headquarters. When I was offered the opportunity to work in the reception area at Audi through the Full Moon People's temporary employment agency, I didn't have to think twice.

How do you feel about your balance sheet after just under three months?

Ajtena: I work with a great team both in the reception area and at Full Moon. I really enjoy it - and that is what is most important to me personally.

What is the must-have in your job?

Ajtena: You should be very flexible and open by nature. Reception is a company's famous business card, because first impressions count. This brings with it a certain responsibility, which we take very seriously in our team and live every day.

What is important to you in working together?

Ajtena: Team spirit! I can rely on getting quick and constructive feedback on my questions or suggestions. Being able to reach my contact person at any time gives you a feeling of security, which is also reflected in the work you do. Full Moon takes care of me and this strengthens me in my daily work.

We asked around and learned from your colleagues that you stand out. Now we want to know more.

Ajtena: I can say that I am very optimistic from the bottom up. This gives me a positive attitude, which also applies to my daily work with my team. I love to laugh a lot. Whether this makes me special, I cannot judge. I am simply a happy person through and through...





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