Rebecca in Talk

Understanding the world of children, speaking the language of parents and teachers and making the client's visions come true: This is the world in which Full Moon Kids GmbH operates successfully. What is important to the team around Rebecca Bittner, Full Moon Kids Managing Director, and how do they succeed in inspiring both target groups and customers? Rebecca Bittner tells us what makes her team stand out and why Full Moon Kids is far from reaching its goal.

Spring announces itself with the first sunrays. What do you like to do best at this time of year?

Rebecca: I am beginning to move my leisure activities outside: sports in the park or reading a book on the roof terrace are among my favourite pastimes.

A jump back: You are 12 years old. What did you like to do most at that time?

Rebecca: Sports, sports, sports! Basketball, athletics & swimming. I was lucky to be allowed to transfer to a sports grammar school after primary school.

What is more fun? Staying on the ground with experience or reaching for the stars with a thirst for innovation?

Rebecca: It's only really fun when the two go hand in hand. Every concept we write, every idea we have must be innovative, new and unique. Children, families and teachers are a very honest and critical target group - we want to do them justice.

How would you describe your team in three words?

Rebecca: Inspiring, determined and above all colourful.


Rebecca: Colourful, because we are very different characters with different abilities, and that's what sets us apart. As a team we harmonise perfectly. And that, I think, is the key to success.

How does Full Moon Kids manage to speak the language of children and families and thus build a bridge between the customer on the one hand and the end consumer on the other?

Rebecca: We have many years of experience in the field of children, family, youth and education marketing. And of course our own work and life experience. We work with quantitative and qualitative market research, including our own focus groups, and use this information as a basis for our concepts and customer consultations. As live communication is one of our strengths, we are very close to the end consumer and therefore in constant dialogue with parents, teachers and children.

It is crucial to work with an agency specialised in children, youth, families and educational marketing because...

Rebecca: Because it is important to work with a partner who really understands the target group and the market, can develop tailor-made concepts and deliver reliable implementation.

But, what exactly is your ace up your sleeve?

Rebecca: Thanks to the strong Full Moon Group, we have 360-degree implementation power and can always call in colleagues from other units for projects. Our years of experience pay off in the concepts. The client thus has all the advantages of a full-service agency without having to forego the target group competence of a specialised agency. In particular, the expertise of the newly added Full Moon Digital strengthens our know-how in a field of competence that is absolutely essential for our target group.

What is next on your agenda?

Rebecca: One of the most exciting projects that awaits us in 2016 is the Europe-wide "Day of Play with Chiquita" roadshow for our client Nickelodeon and Chiquita. Integrated into a comprehensive TV and digital campaign, the tour will lead through 21 locations in six countries and will offer exciting attractions with lots of action and fun for the whole family. In the area of educational marketing, we have positioned ourselves with new competencies, our own team of educators and a MINT network. We are currently looking for further cooperation partners for our youth marketing area who want to grow with us. Here we want to attack more intensively from 2017.

Suppose you could be a child again...

Rebecca: I would want to do the same thing again from A to Z! Super Mario was my hero and an integral part of my childhood and was played to the death. I would also challenge my five siblings in any kind of board game, play sports, and try to get ahead in maths.





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