Pitch, how do I present you convincingly?

Today Frank Asmus - Specialist for Excellent Presentations and Top Executive Coach - was a guest of the Full Moon Group. The focus of his seven-hour workshop was the pitch presentation: How do I build up a pitch strategically and how do I behave during the presentation?

The workshop started with self-illumination using a video recording with associated group feedback. Am I standing confidently? Do I maintain eye contact? Do I come across as friendly and competent? Based on these questions, we quickly realised that we were already doing really well ... Of course, the one or other thing can still be perfected ;-) This was followed by theory on the strategic structure and staging of a pitch presentation. In individual working groups we then pitched the Full Moon Group to a wide variety of clients - from start-ups to global players. Because another customer, another need, another information.

Our conclusion of the workshop is very clear: sympathy, talking headlines and customer-specific messages are simply convincing. Many thanks to Frank Asmus!





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