On Tour: Garten-Gadgets and Testen & Erleben

Since 2017 GARDENA has been presenting itself with a show truck at various indoor and outdoor trade fairs. The aim: to allow the trade fair visitor to immerse himself in the real world of garden care and get to know the product range live. To achieve this, GARDENA literally brought the Full Moon Promotion team "into the garden".

GARDENA is the European leader with its innovative gardening tools and is now represented with its product range in a total of 80 countries. The Ulm-based company, which was founded in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner, celebrated its breakthrough seven years later. In the centre: the Original GARDENA System. In the brand colour orange, it brings together the irrigation components such as tap, hose, hose section and connection device with a 'click'. A lot has happened since then. Today the product range extends from hedge trimmers, irrigation systems and mowing robots to App-controlled garden maintenance.

In an interview with Heribert Wettels, Director of Public Relations, we learned more about the decision for Full Moon and the future of the garden.

Mr Wettels, in 2017 GARDENA presented its products at a total of 20 garden fairs. What makes your gardening tools so special for the end consumer or for the "passionate garden owner", as you write on your website?

Heribert Wettels: There is a lot to do in a garden and GARDENA covers this completely with its wide range of products - from irrigation to lawn care, cutting trees and shrubs to soil cultivation. And always with well thought-out solutions with excellent ergonomics that make it easier and more pleasant for the garden owner. Added to this are the multiple benefits - thanks to the consistently applied system concept - a good design and high quality, for which we provide long guarantees.

What was the decisive reason to get an agency on board for the roadshow?

Heribert Wettels: Staging a good roadshow depends on a number of factors. Here we trust in the experience of experts who know their way around this profession. The personnel on site is particularly crucial. No matter how good the products may be, they must be presented by people at the trade fairs with the passion for which GARDENA stands. This is where enjoyment of the work and a high level of professionalism are required. In addition there is a whole range of legal issues that have to be taken into account. This is another reason why we are happy to draw on the comprehensive know-how of an experienced partner.

What convinced them about the Full Moon promotion?

Heribert Wettels: Full Moon convinced us by presenting a comprehensive concept. It was important to us that the service provider not only focuses on a specific area of expertise but is also able to offer a comprehensive 360° package. Since Full Moon can cover several of the required competences internally, we feel that we are in good hands with Full Moon. This applies both to the personnel and to all questions concerning the show truck. We feel very well looked after by our dedicated contact person. The same naturally applies to the entire friendly and committed team, which stands fully behind its customer GARDENA.

At the Roadshow GARDENA presents its product range in a show truck. How do you manage to make the trade fair visitor immerse himself in your world?

Heribert Wettels: In cooperation with Full Moon we have developed a comprehensive concept around the GARDENA Show Truck. This also included a new design of the interior. By depicting a real garden world, visitors can now test our products and feel welcome to get detailed advice from the promoters on site.

To what extent can the visitor test and experience your products live?

Heribert Wettels: Through various stations we give our visitors the opportunity to test a variety of products under realistic conditions. This way they can convince themselves of the high functionality of our products. In addition, we have a large lawn area on which our GARDENA Mowing Robots run. Visitors can thus see and experience the functionality of the equipment here.

The 2017 trade fair year has been concluded. This year it continues with new goals. If you had to give a conclusion, what would it be?

Heribert Wettels: Brief summary: We are completely satisfied with our trade fair activities last year and are already looking forward to our Germany Tour 2018 with the GARDENA Show Truck.

With which three characteristics do you characterise the cooperation with Full Moon Promotion?

Heribert Wettels: Reliability, creativity, competence!

Let's look into the future: Where do you see the future of the garden?

Heribert Wettels: A garden can take many different forms and thus be as individual as its owner and his or her living conditions. Accordingly, the garden of the future will look different for every passionate hobby gardener. Many activities that many people perceive as tedious and time-consuming - and these include watering and lawn mowing - can already be automated today and can also be conveniently controlled from anywhere at any time via app. There is still much to be done in this area. Apps will become more intelligent and thus also increasingly efficient. For garden owners, this means above all: more time for the things that really matter to them. But a lot is also happening outside the classic garden. Our cities are becoming greener because the younger generation in particular is turning its attention to the subject. And so more and more often a garden is also a balcony, a terrace or a spot in the backyard in the big city. Hence our motto: "Grow any space!





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