On the road at the Kindermedienkongress 2017

How our digitalisation and the new media affect children and young people is a key issue for Full Moon Kids. KIDSpertin Amelie Mischke was therefore at the Children's Media Congress in Munich in early November.

How our digitisation and the new media affect children and young people is of great importance for Full Moon Kids The core of her work in the field of children, youth and family marketing. KIDSpertin Amelie Mischke, responsible for Advising clients with a need for social media and influencer campaigns in the context of children, youth, family and education, was therefore at the beginning of November in Munich at the Kindermedienkongress on the road and gathered numerous inputs on new innovative digital strategies for the children's media industry.

Digital media are now an integral part of the world of children and young people. The way they consume content is changing incredibly fast. With this in mind, this year's Children's Media Congress dealt with the question of how media use affects Generation Z and Alpha and what conclusions can be drawn from this for campaigns and marketing strategies.

International experts from the publishing and digital sectors were invited to shed light on various perspectives. Specialists presented their future-oriented marketing strategies in visionary keynotes and lectures. Influencer marketing, in particular, is a big issue in terms of digital media and media consumption. Which platforms are used the most? Which offers attract the most attention? How can I reach the target group through interesting storytelling? Which strategies are particularly effective and promising? This was immediately discussed in interactive sessions using projects and examples. In the course of this, the Children's Media Congress was an ideal opportunity for exchange, networking and expanding the contact portfolio.

However, the best informed people are probably still those who should be addressed: children and young people. They were also present at the congress and were able to express their opinions. Full Moon Kids experienced live what their target group thinks and what really appeals to them.

The topic is an essential component for our industry and the work in child, youth, family and education marketing. To educate oneself further here is immensely important. I am taking many new and interesting approaches and strategies with me. As a contact person for this topic, it is my task to always stay up to date and to pass on my findings", says KIDSpertin Amelie.

Do you have any questions on this topic? Amelie Mischke is looking forward to the exchange with you: amelie(at)fullmoon.de.





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