Mirj's ADC anecdotes

treibhaus 0.8 is the creative traineeship of the leading German agencies for live communication. Our Mirj, volunteer in the Full Moon conception department, visited the 52nd ADC competition in Hamburg last weekend together with treibhaus 0.8.

Love me or hate me - eitherway I'm on your mind

For me as a volunteer in the concept department at Full Moon, there are many first times as a newcomer to the industry. Last weekend we were told: "treibhaus 0.8 for the first time at the ADC Festival.

With its communication campaign, the Art Directors Club (ADC) already drew attention to the 52nd ADC competition in Hamburg throughout Germany under the motto "The Battle of Content". The modern key visual and the campaign appeared promising. If you want to be interesting, you first have to be more interesting than a cat video - this was the statement.

Arriving at the former machine factory Kampnagel, we were greeted in a very classical way with sparkling wine and a flying buffet. The champagne reception was followed by the awards ceremony: 30 winners were chosen with an ADC award or the typical ADC nail in bronze, silver or gold. The entries presented were sure to delight the audience and revealed current trends in the industry. In the course of digitalisation, it is becoming more and more important to place strong ideas in order to be able to compete with viral non-sense videos, such as the well-known and widely distributed cat videos.

In addition to submissions from established advertising agencies, the young talents also impressively demonstrated their quality and skills. For example, the short film "Dear Brother", which skilfully emotionally charged and staged the topic of loss and death through a story of two friends. All the entries presented offered us newcomers to the industry inspiration and food for future ideas.

All-in-all: Although I personally would have expected a little more love of implementation in the stage sequences and the dramaturgical staging, the evening was very successful. The ADC awards ceremony is an industry meeting place, networking platform, inspiration and source of ideas. For us, the young talents, the visit is certainly an incentive to hopefully pick up our own nails soon.





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