In the fast lane for German premium car manufacturers

Full Moon People GmbH puts the pedal to the metal for its customers. Whether Porsche, Daimler or Audi - this unit of the Full Moon Group gives the brands an emotional face.

The Full Moon People step on the gas for the B2C of German vehicle manufacturers

When the Mercedes-Benz Museum knocked on the door in 2006 and asked for the personnel position for the opening of the museum in Untertürkheim, the starting signal was given for personnel position and personnel services at Full Moon. Initially carried out by the Group and later promoted by Full Moon Promotion GmbH, our Full Moon people have been living the holistic personnel service including project management on a grand scale since 2016.

23 Full Mooners, 180 experts in ongoing national projects and around 800 qualified hosts and hostesses ensure that our German car brands are brought to life at B2C events. To this end, the Full Moon People train and educate the necessary personnel, always with the mission in mind to make customers and their end users happy.

Personnel service provider and brand ambassador in one

Personnel service is much more than a business between brand and end user.  „It is about having a staff on site who lives the fire and radiates this spirit!“, said Alexander Parlow, Managing Director of Full Moon People. Only qualified employees create a lasting bond between brand and addressee!

Today, more than ever, employees are emotionalised with their company at incentives. Whether it's a visit to the birthplace of a car giant, a tour of the production plant or a test of driving behaviour on wet roads, the brand is in the air everywhere.

And the same applies to sponsoring events: the Full Moon People are on the road for Porsche Drive at almost every cup, every tour and every tennis grand prix. Always with the aim of ensuring that visitors and players feel well looked after and in good hands. Be it that players can quickly and easily borrow a current Porsche model from our staff for their way to training, or that visitors can have our Car Explainers tell them everything about the myth of the sports car. Such a brand experience can only be realised with the best hosts and hostesses. And that is exactly what this unit stands for!

The Full Moon People live for their PS-strong mission

The People team gives rubber for the brand emotionalisation of our German car manufacturers. Because the myth of "German engineering" and the feeling of sitting in a Porsche, Mercedes or Audi is something they live by every day in B2C.





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