Implementing live events attractively despite COVID-19 requirements

Our webinar "Events 2020 - from lockdown to re-opening" from the series "Houston, we have a solution!" shows you what you should consider when planning and implementing events. Our event experts have the overview!

Since the beginning of the year, nothing in Germany and many other parts of the world has been the same. The corona virus disease affects all areas of life. After a phase of complete economic, social and cultural lockdown, the general ban on gatherings and events has been eased in stages since the beginning of July. The guidelines vary from federal state to federal state, in some cases very individually. The consequences of COVID-19 are of course also clearly noticeable for the event industry.


As a communications agency with deep roots in the events sector, we too are confronted with new challenges, which we meet with our usual creative, courageous and visionary approach. We will continue to passionately dedicate ourselves to your event, which will be successful with us and our partners despite COVID-19 editions!

In our webinar "Events 2020 - from Lockdown to Re-Opening" we will show which considerations and trends are currently occupying the industry. Hygiene requirements, distance regulations, face masks, hybrid events and streaming events are just some of the current buzzwords. SWR presenter Stefanie Anhalt will lead through our webinar. She talks to Till Elsässer (Managing Partner of Full Moon Event GmbH) and Olaf Danner (safety and hygiene expert at POOLgroup GmbH) about current and long-term event requirements. They will develop creative strategies on how to deal with current and future safety and hygiene requirements in event planning and implementation. Because one thing is clear: even under difficult conditions, the heart of the event industry continues to beat.


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From August onwards, events with up to 500 participants will again be permitted. This gives rise to cautious optimism and a spirit of optimism among event organisers. However, larger events will continue to be prohibited until October. Hybrid event concepts provide an effective solution that conforms to the rules, as events with digital possibilities such as live streaming can still be made accessible to a larger number of people. For these hybrid solutions, event formats have to be rethought and the quality of the digital accompaniment must be excellent.

Stuttgarter Kulturwasen  is a particularly creative solution, which makes it possible to experience concerts and culture during the summer in Swabia in a slightly different form. Visitors can experience the colourful cultural and art programme, which includes films, live music, opera, cabaret and much more, either in their cars or in open-air lounges - an area for deckchairs that can accommodate up to 99 people in a Corona-compliant manner. The concept is a mixture of drive-in cinema and beach boxes. Due to the high level of acceptance, the capacity for vehicles is to be increased from 350 to 1000 cars in the course of the summer.


For us as an agency, working in partnership with specialists in the fields of event technology, light and sound such as R&P Productions and POOLgroup GmbH of inestimable value. In the design and conception of events against the background of the current pandemic, special attention should be paid to the planning of the site and an individually tailored hygiene and safety concept should be developed. Visitor management plays an important role: in future, participants must be able to leave their contact details in a DSGV-compliant manner, one-way street regulations are necessary for guiding the flow of visitors, the spacing of seating should be adjusted and signage regarding face masks and hygiene labels is essential. Implementation is made more difficult by the great variance in event requirements and regulations, which not only vary from state to state, but can even vary from city to city.

"There is a great deal of uncertainty among customers as to what is allowed and what is not. We keep our finger on the pulse for you and follow this dynmic process", promises Till Elsässer (Managing Partner of Full Moon Event GmbH).

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