Have you ever built?

... Full Moon Event GmbH took over this task the day before yesterday, on 6 July to be precise. And with everything that goes with it! The event team from the Full Moon Group agency in Stuttgart organised and implemented a summer party in baroque style at Solitude Castle in Baden-Württemberg for a large international law firm and its clients.

The question of why the celebration was held in the rococo style is easy to answer: Duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg, who had the palace built in the 18th century, designed it in precisely this baroque elegance. He retired here during the summer months and celebrated intoxicating feasts. Today Solitude Palace is one of Stuttgart's landmarks! Due to the history of the castle and the fact that the Duke liked to travel around Germany, Austria and Italy, the evening of the summer festival was dedicated to good food, excellent wines and a graceful ambience.

The Full Moon Event did not let itself go for his renowned client and their guests, but rather BUILT:

At 7 pm the guests were welcomed by opulently dressed walking acts in front of the castle. A gendarmerie with crossed spears guarded the passage to the inner courtyard of the castle until the guests were admitted. When the entrance began after the champagne reception and a welcoming speech, the guards opened the passage to the festivities in lockstep. Here in the palace garden the guests were then offered all kinds of ducal delights! They could visit the castle, chat over good wine in the cigar lounge or watch the spectacular live cooking. The buffet was as varied as the Duke's wanderlust: Humorous signs with "Passion in Italian" or "eat a dessert while travelling" led the guests through Carl Eugen's entire culinary range, from Italian starters to Swabian roast beef and Austrian spinach casserole.

The relaxed and at the same time exclusive atmosphere - underlined by modern vocal and deep house sounds under trees hung with fairy lights - invited to good conversations and relaxed get-togethers.

The aim of the summer party was to revive the zest for life of Duke Carl Eugen at Solitude Palace. Mission accomplished! Our event created a unique location for its clients and their guests to spend an exclusive evening behind the mostly closed gates of the baroque castle.





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