Full Moon now belongs to the „Club der Pioniere“

Till Elsässer, managing director of Full Moon Event GmbH, had the honour of being a speaker at the "Club of the Pioneers" in Stuttgart's landmark - the Stuttgart TV tower. The event was attended by 60 spectators from the industry, marketing, media and agency scene, who were able to participate in the "Club of the Pioneers" in cooperation with the Stuttgart Economic Development Agency.

The media world is changing. New technologies demand new business models and bring with them new content. There are endless possibilities and many new paths to tread. Time to get an overview and learn from people who have already broken new ground. This is why the podcast "Club of Pioneers" invites a pioneer of the media world every week to take a closer look at them with all their facets, opportunities and trends. The hosts are Bruno Fritzsche, film producer, HAWKINS & CROSS GmbH & Co. KG and Konrad Simon, Digital Consulting, Nomis Studios GmbH.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the event industry 2.0 was discussed - how the event industry has changed over the last 10 years, how people get inspired and what role sustainability plays. The podcast had a very good response and most importantly: Till obviously enjoyed it. Click here for the video:





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