Full Moon Kids also internationally successful

Next Thursday the "European Family, Youth & Kids Marketing Summit" will take place in Madrid for the first time. The participants of the congress will receive exciting insights into the topic of children, youth and family marketing from international experts from agencies and companies. Of course Full Moon will also be there. Our managing partner Tim Höchel will introduce the "European Family Agency" during the event.

Next Thursday in Madrid, for the first time „European Family, Youth & Kids Marketing Summit“ took place. This is the largest European agency network specialising in the fields of children, youth, family and educational communication. The congress is organised by the market research company "Communication and Marketing for children and families Chair" and the Spanish partner agency of Full Moon Kids "The Modern Kids & Family" (TMKF).

Instagram, What's App, Snapchat - the world of children and young people is changing faster and faster due to digitalisation and the resulting networking. Constantly new products are conquering the market, adapted to the young target group - colourful, loud and fun. Cool YouTuber and hip influencers not only influence their buying behaviour but also their language. Full Moon Kids recognised this potential over 15 years ago and specialised in addressing this target group. Our KIDSperten develop creative concepts and strategies for national and international clients that meet the wishes and needs of this young target group. This makes us one of Germany's leading providers in the field of children, youth, family and educational communication.

In addition to a lively exchange of ideas and time for networking, the event will feature 15 lectures which will address different facets of youth and family communication. Besides Tim Höchel, the speakers include Dunja Crusen, Miguel González-Durán and Shirley Curtat-Cadet. González-Durán is director of the TMKF agency and will be highlighting current and future trends in the children's market in Spain. Curtat-Cadet, Director of the French agency "Com' Des Enfants" will speak about Generation Z and Millennium Children. While Dunja Crusen, Senior Consultant at Full Moon Kids GmbH, talks about the opportunities and risks of children and youth marketing in the German-speaking world. The one-day congress is aimed at experts from private and public companies who want to increase the success of their strategies and campaigns.





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