Creativity knows no boundaries!

The Space Worlds will open their doors again from 12 to 14 November. Reason enough to talk to the creative minds behind the idea of implementing communication in space creatively. Ulrich Wegenast and Dittmar Lumpp will tell us what role Swabia plays for the duo and why Speedy Gonzales can be extremely motivating.

Dittmar Lumpp (left picture) and Prof.

Full Moon: What special feature distinguishes you as a well-rehearsed duo behind the Film- und Medienfestival gGmbH?

Dittmar Lumpp: Patience, patience and patience. Seriously, we have the same passion for the cause, but different views that can be taken in one direction in the interest of the cause. In this sense, everyone brings in the right talent in their respective fields - me in the commercial and organisational field and Ulrich Wegenast as programme designer of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film in the artistic field.

Ulrich Wegenast (laughs): Some people call us "Pat and Patachon", the Danish comedy duo of the silent movie era - because we are very different, but at the same time we fit together perfectly.

„ Speedy Gonzales conquer the world“

FM: They are responsible for the annual Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS). Assuming you could be an animated film character, which one would you choose and why?

UL: I could imagine many great characters who have played a role in our animation festivals over the last three decades. But I've been committed to one character since I was 5 years old. When I was a child, my nickname was "Urmel from the Ice" and my mother is still firmly convinced that this laid the foundation for my professional career.

DL: I could also like Urmel - he is a sympathetic figure and is considered quite playful. But if I had the free choice, I would even rather conquer the world as Speedy Gonzales. With his motto 'Arriba! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!' - Up! Come on! Go!" I motivate myself during the festival times, when things can get hectic and decisions have to be made quickly.

FM: When it comes to living and experiencing creativity, you've come to the right place. As organiser of Raumwelten, you offer a platform for scenography, architecture and media. What exactly is the intention of your concept?

DL: We want to show what communication in space has to offer in all its facets. With a platform for different target groups - entrepreneurs, designers, architects, artists, but also students and the interested public.

UW: This is where visionary architecture meets brand communication, digital media meets live communication and exhibition design. This is where the current issues facing the industry are discussed. This is where the visionary and the applied come together - that's what makes it so interesting.

„...a great longing for innovative and unusual room concepts...“

FM: What makes a room for you to feel comfortable in?

DL: For me, it is the people who fill a room that create the actual feel-good atmosphere. But for people to want to live in and spend time in a room, you need good and well thought-out room concepts. We are pleased that with Raumwelten we can make an important contribution to making communication in a room perceptible and to advancing professional discourse.

UW: With our temporary, pneumatic Space Worlds Pavilion, which will be set up on the Ludwigsburg Academy courtyard, we are deepening the theme of "Feeling good in space" in a sensually perceptible way. The great public interest in this very special spatial concept shows that there is a great longing for innovative and unusual spatial concepts. So I can easily answer the question: The Raumwelten Pavilion is the place where I will feel particularly comfortable from 2 November onwards, because it is architecturally incredibly exciting and offers space for encounters.

FM: On 12 November, the time has come again and the Space Worlds will open their doors in Ludwigsburg for two days. Convince me: Why should I visit this year's Raumwelten?

DL: We have two great news this year! Firstly, we are cooperating with the FAMAB Association for Direct Business Communication, whose FAMAB AWARD will be presented on 12 November as part of Raumwelten in the MHPArena in Ludwigsburg. The cooperation of the two events brings the industry together, both complement each other perfectly. On the other hand, Raumwelten 2015 will for the first time set a clearly visible architectural landmark in the public eye - the Raumwelten Pavilion in the Akademiehof Ludwigsburg.

UW: It forms the centre of the event and is quasi lived communication in space. It is the venue for events and presentations that offer the opportunity to enter into conversation with creative people, experts and guests of Raumwelten.

„...Stuttgart offers a unique mixture of profound know-how and creativity.“

FM: What makes the Stuttgart Region so special for you?

UW: Stuttgart is at the forefront in terms of creativity! In communication in space, as well as in animation and visual effects. Local studios have already won numerous Oscars and Emmys.

DL: The renowned creative professionals working in the Stuttgart media region and the local training centres have an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally! The Stuttgart Region offers a unique mixture of sound know-how and creativity. This was another reason for us to launch Raumwelten 2015 in Ludwigsburg as a specialist congress for the creative industries.

FM: Would you begin a declaration of love to Schwabenländle with what words?

UW: D'r Oba hads Bschtek szpät bschtellt - whoever can say this without any mistakes loves his Country without any doubt.

DL: Let me put it this way: Schoo avenges! Because no one's ever been wronged, after all, is a gnova globt...

FM: And what could you not do without at all?

UW: To my wife and the twins - never. And of course not to the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, it is the absolute summer highlight for me and the whole family!

DL: I think we cannot do without our great partners who support us in the implementation of Raumwelten 2015 and the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film. Neither can we do without the thousands of visitors who came to the Schlossplatz last year to watch the best animated films and animation films and who, through their great enthusiasm, showed us that work is worthwhile! This gives you the impetus to start planning for an equally successful International Festival of Animated Film 2016 with a lot of energy and joy.

FM: If you had, could, should - what would it be like?

DL: Be grateful for what has been achieved - and sail on with tailwind.

UW: I like this picture. We set the sails anew on our tried and tested ship and set sail with a great crew to broaden our horizons every day with a lot of curiosity and the desire to create.





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