Celebrate 50 years in style – 50 years s.Oliver

This is a reason to celebrate! The founder and director Bernd Freier therefore invited to a big anniversary celebration with more than 2,200 guests at the airfield in Giebelstadt. The Full Moon Event is proud to be able to support s.Oliver at this great event with 360° and has put its heart and soul into this project since January.

The year 1969 is a very special one for world history: The world experiences Woodtstock, Neil Armstrong steps on the moon and Bryan Adams Song still reminds us of the Summer of '69. This is accompanied by the founding of the s.Oliver company in Rottendorf, which is still family-owned today. The company achieved worldwide fame through its madrass-the famous check pattern that is omnipresent.

In order to make the real madrass-feeling tangible, the Full Moon Event came up with a lot of ideas. In the aircraft hangar, oversized Madras flags were suspended from the ceiling, the parasol umbrella and also the Opera Tent shone in Madras lighting. The guests were able to unfold themselves as fashion designers and create their own T-shirt with different motifs.  The Conscious Garden, which invited the guests to relax and enjoy a cosy get-together, also made for a pleasant evening. On such an eventful day, the crowning finale of the evening programme on a large stage, with celebrity guests such as Wladimir Klitschko and Gerhard Schröder, was not to be missed. All 2,200 guests were enthralled with an emotional film about the 50-year history of s.Oliver. Even well-known personalities did not miss the opportunity to send their greetings and congratulations to s.Oliver via video message. Comedian Oliver Tissot stimulated the laugh muscles of the guests to the utmost. After all the highlights, there was one more special act: the drum group Power! Percussion, which had already toured Europe and Asia many times, performed and fascinated everyone present with their art of music. The show provided the perfect transition to the party and the following band Deejay Plus kept the guests on fire until midnight.

The s.Oliver Group, founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier, has developed into one of the leading European fashion companies within a few decades. The group employs around 6,400 people internationally. Besides the brands s.Oliver, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, s.Oliver ACTIVE, Q/S designed by and TRIANGLE, the company's portfolio also includes comma, comma casual identity and LIEBESKIND Berlin.





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