Catching ideas as a Junior Conceptioner

At Full Moon Kids, Amelie takes care of the conceptual brainstorming for various customer projects in the field of children, youth, family and education marketing. In a short interview she tells us about her creative everyday life.


The 27-year-old Maultaschen lover tells us in a short interview that a unique idea begins with a party in her head.

How did you come to your profession as a concept designer?

Amelie: If I'm honest, there were a number of professions on my wish list: from firefighter to emergency doctor to housewife and mother, everything was on it. Especially as a child, you have all kinds of different wishes and would like to become everything at once. Even back then, I was quickly able to get excited about something new. Over time, my preferences and abilities crystallized and with them my current profession.

How did your path then lead you to Full Moon?

Amelie: After a short break from my marketing studies I started an internship at Full Moon. After that I specialised in customer projects for Full Moon Kids and today I develop the concept strategies in the Full Moon Kids team.

How can one imagine your work flow?

Amelie: The starting point is of course always the briefing of the customer. Before defining where the journey is going, it is essential to define exactly what the customer's expectations and goals are. Within the framework of a so-called creative letter, we break down the briefing into the important key facts. In this way we create a foundation on which we build the conceptual framework step by step. True to the motto: Let the games begin! - this is where the creative work starts.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

Amelie: We start with the ideas session. The aim is to draw as much creative input as possible from different areas. There are always projects that are prepared in a cross-unit manner or where I consult experts, e.g. on the subject of roadshows or education. Teamwork is particularly important when it comes to brainstorming, and we always work closely with the Full Moon Group's concept team. I also deal with target groups and market research studies in order to be able to make accurate statements about trends and latest developments. The concepts we have already implemented are as varied as the requirements of our customers. Every enquiry is virtually a new challenge. Each time you approach the idea in a different way.

What do you particularly like about your work?

Amelie: My work today is like my career aspiration back then: varied and colourful! I work on many projects with several clients. Together we are always developing new ideas. You have to be able to get involved with new wishes and ideas every time. Spinning around is practically a prerequisite for my position (laughs). Working creatively also means making compromises. Not every idea is realisable. However, discussions with the project teams usually clarify what is really possible. To hold the finished concept in your hands at the end is always a unique feeling.

From your point of view: what qualities, preferences, etc. do you need to possess to be in good hands when it comes to conception?

Amelie: In any case curiosity and enthusiasm. You should also always be able and, above all, be willing to try something new. And even if I am repeating myself now: teamwork!

Describe the feeling you get when you have a bright idea for a concept?

Amelie: I see the idea in front of me and get all jittery. Figuratively speaking, a party starts in my head. I get so excited that I don't know where exactly to start describing what I see in my mind's eye. It's especially great when this excitement is transferred to my counterpart and he completes the idea and continues to spin it.

Amelie, just between us: which of your character traits would your colleagues be most surprised about?

Amelie: Safety first - I am actually quite a safety fanatic. A child on a bike without a helmet? Then I see red, my hat string breaks, my collar bursts, I freak out...

Okay, okay... Amelie, deep breath in and out. Last question: Which soundtrack describes your everyday life at Full Moon?

Amelie: Pure - (sings) Come with me to adventure land...

In the choir: ...on your own journey...The entrance fee costs the mind...Come with me to Adventure Land and do it your way...





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