Breathtaking finale at the Seenachtfest 2019

The Konstanzer Seenachtfest 2019 ended with spectacular fireworks. Around 40,000 visitors came to Constance on Saturday to experience the last traditional Lake Night Festival. The event started at 3 pm with a colourful programme for young and old on the festival grounds between Little Venice and the marina. The Latin band Marquess, the German DJ Wankelmut and the party rockers from Papai's Pumpels put everyone in a good mood.

The new concept in Little Venice was very well received, especially by the younger visitors. "We are satisfied with the number of visitors and had a great party, even though the weather was not quite right at the beginning. As always, the fireworks were magnificent and provided a real goose bump moment for the last time," says Managing Director Tim Höchel.

New concept with real festival feeling

Just in time for the start of the Lake Night Festival, the sun was shining and visitors streamed through the gates of the Port of Constance. The Seestraße offered an even more extensive programme for children and families than last year - the area in front of the Villa Prym became a huge playground and offered many great opportunities to join in. Internationally renowned artists such as Marquess and DJ Wankelmut, but also many regional bands such as the Stockach-based Schlager rockers from Pupi's Pumpels provided for party atmosphere. For friends of electro and house music the GuteZeit Insel was just the right place. On Hafenstraße, with many local bands, the Art Market and the glowing fairy lights, a festival atmosphere was created which culminated in Little Venice. There a new concept was convincing - two containers divided the area, whereby the SWR3 DJ Stage and the Sparda DJ Stage provided a real festival feeling for the party guests with different music styles.

A sea of lights, sounds and colours

At 10:15 pm the time had finally come - multiple pyro world champion Joachim Berner started his show and the first rockets shone over Lake Constance. The fireworks were ignited from three ships. Rock classics from Linkin Park to Rammstein ran synchronously - just like the motto "Pyro Rock". After about 20 minutes the fireworks of the Swiss Neighbourhood Festival in Kreuzlingen started. The finale, however, was reserved for Joachim Berner. For the last time he thrilled the audience with an impressive finale to the sounds of Rammstein. And thus showed once again why the fireworks in Constance and Kreuzlingen were among the most beautiful indoor fireworks displays in Europe.

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