Blogger events: A new way of event management

They are idols of our time: bloggers. Digital influencers who thousands - yes, millions - of times over let people all over the world share their lives and passions. Close, authentic. Successful. A trend that also has an impact on the event industry.

Blogger events can take different forms. Product presentations, fashion shows, barcamps or workshops - as with any other event format, it is all about staging a brand or product. A service or a person. In contrast to classic events, however, it is also about immediate reporting. Because bloggers report live and unfiltered - while the CEO is still presenting the new brand strategy on stage. This is why the often misused phrase "innovative design" takes on a whole new meaning in the blogger context. It is about much more than the content of the speeches or the pompous 3-minute show at the launch of the new smartphone. Simply everything must be perfect and coordinated. From the invitation and the voucher for the cloakroom to the menu cards and the giveaways. You have to stand out and be different. Stand out and think outside the box. Be original and surprise. Because "me too" is out. No matter how perfectly the show is staged and how brilliantly the stage set is designed. If the surround-sounding doesn't fit, it is precisely these little things that will dominate the post-show coverage. Too little food, no choice for vegetarians, beer not cold enough ... that's what bloggers talk about on location and share it with their community. Only when these soft facts are right will they report on the brand or product.

Turning necessity into virtue

However, this type of reporting can also be used to optimise quality. An on-site social media team intensively tracks the channels of bloggers and nearby hashtags. It interferes in the conversations and thus recognises mood tendencies at an early stage. In this way, the success of the product or brand staging can be lastingly changed even during the event. With courage and simple means.





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