About employer branding and attractive companies

Katrin has been working at Full Moon in the Employer Branding department for over a year. As a senior consultant, she advises and analyses companies with the aim of implementing an authentic employer brand in a sustainable manner. In a short interview Katrin tells us what makes a good employer brand and what benefits make a company particularly attractive for applicants.

How did you come to work in the field of employer branding?

Katrin: In the beginning this was not the plan. After my studies, the field of employer branding did not even exist. In 2008 I got the chance to rebuild the topic of employer branding and personnel marketing in an agency. Since that time my heart has been beating for this area.

What is the exciting thing about this area?

Katrin: Every industry and every customer is different. This makes every project unique and constantly presents us with new challenges. It is very exciting to be allowed to dive deeply into companies and to work out their problems. But at the end of the day, what satisfies you most are the change processes that are initiated and companies that are more responsive to the needs of their employees.

What makes a good employer brand?

Katrin: You have to develop an employer brand and ask yourself honestly what the company stands for and what it stands for. It is also important to constantly question and develop the employer brand, because a company never stands still. This works best when the company presents itself to the outside world honestly and authentically. In the end, the top priority is that the company and its employees fit together well and that they can identify with the company.

You look after many customers from different areas. Where is there currently a shortage of skilled workers?

Katrin: There is currently a shortage of skilled workers in almost all areas. For example, there are hardly any companies left that can fill all training places. Young people are a topic everywhere and must be given greater attention. There is also a lack of qualified staff in the social sector, in engineering and above all in IT. Due to the ongoing digitalisation, the working world is changing and faces new challenges. Therefore, not only the traditional IT companies, but also other companies need IT specialists.

What currently makes a company particularly attractive for applicants?

Katrin: Above all, a company should communicate its culture and values honestly to the applicant. A company becomes attractive to potential employees primarily through benefits. There are different generations with different needs that a company should know. More flexible working is required. These are issues such as flexible working hours and working time models to ensure a good balance between work and leisure. But also the possibility of working abroad for a period of time or independent of location. Companies should break down standards and adapt more quickly to the requirements of applicants.





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