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Full Moon Experience
Customer: Unitymedia GmbH

Since February 2017, a leading German cable network operator has presented itself in a new corporate design, with a new brand attitude and a new motto. Under the claim of WAS? DAS GEHT? country, the brand focuses on its self-image as a company that treads unusual, new paths and offers special solutions for its customers. The new appearance is colourful and a little crazy, not zero eight fifteen.

Full Moon Event was commissioned to design an internal summer party for the employees, through which the new brand identity can be experienced. True to the emotionally charged company motto "WHAT? DAS GEHT?" Full Moon developed an event that conveys exactly this feeling to the internal target group and strengthens the employees' identification with the new corporate image.

Full Moon created an animal character which reflects the new brand values in its personality and experiences: A parrot! This colourful and quirky bird is - according to the spirit of the cable network operator - a true rebel of everyday life and takes its life into its own hands to make it better. Courageously, he throws himself into adventures with his friend, the pink poodle, and takes the staff with him on his journey in the WHAT? THE GOES? country.

In the course of the summer party, Full Moon developed the Character Campaign: a campaign in which the employees are actively involved in all phases of communication to shape the event and the new corporate identity. And there is always one person present: the parrot. The employees learned about the history of the parrot in advance on a microsite and decided what music, dessert and activities they wanted to experience at the summer party. At the event, they then immersed themselves completely in the history of the parrot and its friends. The all-encompassing task was to ensure the survival of the parrot and save it from attacking cats. For this purpose, the staff in the action area trained their strength on the Muscle Dog and their reaction ability on the Memory. They also practised kung-fu somersaults on the bungee trampoline and parrot flight using a VR glasses simulator. On top of that, they had to secure their food supplies by juggling them over a wire mesh fence. Finally, they chased the cats over the obstacle course and shot them with water pistols at several colourful scratching trees. If each individual module was passed successfully, the employees collected the parrot's feathers again, which it had previously lost out of sheer fear. As a thank you for the help, the parrot flew out postcards to the employees who stayed at home afterwards, which were sprayed individually on a graffiti wall at the party.

After the successfully completed games, the hungry guests were treated to live cooking, a daytime firework display and a rollicking evening of favourite songs until late into the night. In addition, the music-synchronised daytime fireworks created a WHAT? DAS GEHT? moment, rounded off the action-packed day and amazed the employees. The Full Moon Event succeeded in realising a comprehensive emotionalisation with the parrot and the German cable network operator as employer, true to the motto "WHAT? DAS GEHT?" - Yes, it works!

 Referenz - Unitymedia - WHAT? THAT GOES?  Referenz - Unitymedia - WHAT? THAT GOES?  Referenz - Unitymedia - WHAT? THAT GOES?  Referenz - Unitymedia - WHAT? THAT GOES?





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