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Full Moon Promotion GmbH
Customer: Parrot GmbH
For the first time, Full Moon implemented the nationwide “Parrot MiniDrone” campaign for our client Parrot. To achieve an ideal product presentation of the new drone, a commercial promotion setup was conceptualised. This consisted of a pop-up wall to create a long-distance effect, a backpack with various visibility tools, accumulators and the Parrot products. The “Jumping Sumo” and the “Rolling Spider”, representing the major products, were presented on site, to be discovered and tested by the visitors. Additionally, Full Moon promoted the product on numerous fairs, in order to guarantee an optimal platform for its presentation. The single campaigns were implemented by specially trained promoters in Minidrone promotion outfits.
 Referenz - Parrot - Minidrone  Referenz - Parrot - Minidrone  Referenz - Parrot - Minidrone  Referenz - Parrot - Minidrone  Referenz - Parrot - Minidrone





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