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Strategic, structural and design concept, user guidance concept, user journeys, user interface design based on existing CDs, editing, development TYPO3
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Customer: Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions

Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH offers its customers a comprehensive range of genuine accessories and collection items - perfectly tailored to their needs and wishes. These include elegant, sporty add-on parts, innovative communication solutions and practical transport solutions; the Mercedes-Benz Collection includes stylish, high-quality accessories, true-to-detail model cars and much more.

We designed and developed a convincing, emotional state-of-the-art website for the Daimler AG subsidiary. Dark backgrounds, large images and prominent typography give the website a noble and powerful statement. With large target group entries on the homepage, the main target groups are picked up and directed to the area most important to them. In this way, Mercedes owners can easily and quickly find their individual original accessories or collection product. The powerful design conveys the value of the original accessories and collection items. This emotionalises users and directs them to the accessory configurator or the collection shop.

The site is supplemented by information about the company and the entry and career opportunities.

 Referenz - Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions - Corporate Website  Referenz - Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions - Corporate Website





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