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Conception (Technical Concept, Technical Consultation Services), Programming (TYPO3 Templates, TYPO3 Extensions, Teaser Management Tool, Campaign Microsite with the Possibility of Facebook Registration, User-Generated Content Voting, Generation of Online Vouchers, Marketing (AdWords Campaigns), Technology (TYPO3, MVC Extension Development, SOAP Interface, jQuery), Service (Support of Editors, Content Maintenance, TYPO3 Maintenance Support), Interface Development: Deskline-Feratel, my.IRS / Thomas Booking System, outdooractive Tour DatabaseG, Mailing Work
Full Moon Digital
Customer: Graubünden Ferien
Partner Screendesign: VoxelAir GmbH

Graubünden Ferien operates on behalf of a public-service mission of the canton of Graubünden, in charge of the marketing and positioning of the Swiss holiday region Graubünden. The duties of the Full Moon Digital included the technological conception, realisation and guidance of the initial re-launch of the tourist information portal. On the basis of TYPO3, content modules and applied maintenance tools were continually developed and extended for Graubünden Vacations. Consequently, a significantly higher efficiency of maintenance of dynamic contents of the portal was achieved in the past several years, which ascertains the quality of its contents, and simultaneously promotes their actuality. Amongst other things, contents, such as hospitality information, tour and POI data, as well as management tools and special offers, were made available. In order to enhance image seasonal emphases, the Full Moon Digital created the opportunity of parallel maintenance of the website in respective summer and winter modes, making it possible to seasonally prioritize relevant contents without having to structurally reorganize the website. Additionally, interfaces for external databases and newsletter-systems were implemented. Have a great holiday in Graubünden!

 Referenz - GRAUBÜNDEN - Information portal  Referenz - GRAUBÜNDEN - Information portal  Referenz - GRAUBÜNDEN - Information portal





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