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Booking of Artists, Musicians, Moderator, Dramaturgy & Direction of the Event, Implementation, Guest Management, Building Illumination, Idea, Presentation, Conception, Lighting Design/ Staging, Organisation, Personnel Services, Planning, PR-Work, Production, Programme Planning, Spatial Concept, Personnel Support, Show Room, Management of Trades, Strategic Consultation Services, Participants Management, Implementations, Event Support     Photographer: Marc Gilardone
Full Moon Experience
Customer: Design Offices GmbH
Partner Fotografie: Marc Gilardone
The core competence of Design Offices is to create perfect conditions for future work environments, discovering spaces for employees that actively shape their work- flows, making them more efficient and invaluable. At the opening event of the Stuttgart headquarters, the guests had the opportunity to experience the working environment of tomorrow on the convention and event area, as well as in office accommodation, within a total expanse of 2,500 square metres. Full Moon undertook the complete design and organisation of the opening event. The well-balanced mixture of information and entertainment led to a successful ceremony. Alongside guided tours through the premises, Dr. Michael Sauter, general manager of the Brainbirds Ltd., gave a lecture on the subject “working methods in the digital world. What we can learn from start-ups”. Furthermore, Christian Buchholz, general manager of Educando Ltd., elucidated how world-changing innovation takes place. The evening was musically accentuated by the band “Lee Mayall”. “From the simple space to the bossy bureau; from the junior freelancer to the all-powerful CEO. We offer solutions for everyone, and now Stuttgart is the next in line”, Henry Friedrich, entertainer and Full Moon employee, concluded the event in his poetry slam performance, adding a clever and humorous brilliance to the party atmosphere.
 Referenz - Design Offices - Location opening  Referenz - Design Offices - Location opening  Referenz - Design Offices - Location opening  Referenz - Design Offices - Location opening





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